Yet another winter that it seems people just aren’t prepared for. At least that is my impression from the stories of the harsh winter across America. It’s not really the fault of people who expect the “news” to tell them the truth, since it’s rare to see the news not talk about Global Warming. Even the founder of the Weather Channel called it “the greatest scam in history”.

But then Global Warming has now been rebranded as Global Climate change, and I am sure that people will run around in a panic praying to the current defacto gods that they esteem to be saved from the changing climate.

Of course, Global Warming isn’t something new, back in 1938 there were newspaper articles warning about how the earth was warming up and, and the ice caps were going to melt (see actual articles at this site, original source seems to be this site though).  Of course that gave way to fears that we were headed for another ice age, as temperatures dropped.  The same non science is used for the ozone hole which has regularly expanded and contracted for as long as it has been measured, not that a grasp of real science is required by teachers, even to get a degree in science (note, I say this even though I have a degree in science/engineering with additional classified technical training in applied science).

Science classes only rely on simple experiments that “prove” what the class is teaching, and if you differ from the “expected” outcome, then obviously it’s because you did it wrong, and will get a worse grade, than someone who gives the mathematically expected result.   In short school constantly teaches you to “give the right answer when asked”, which is to say the answer that the book says is right.   Critical thinking is allowed only to the degree to manufacture consensus, that is to make fun of people who believe in intelligent design, or don’t believe in global warming or other beliefs that are not accepted by the group think.

Here’s something that science classes all point out at the beginning (well good science classes taught by people who understand science), the “laws” of a scientific discipline are THEORIES that are good working models.  As such there may be exceptions to these theories, or the theories may be incomplete, or they may even be (though this is strongly discouraged) wrong, but they work for the most part so they are useful theories that we then call “laws” of science.

Unfortunately the world is not run by outcome based scientists (in other words empirical scientists), but by political scientists who seem to want the general population in a state of constant fear and shock, scared that the sky is falling, the earth is going to swallow them up, the ice caps are going to melt, or the world is soon to be covered in ice.

All of these problems the would be despots have the same answer, give them all the power, and they will fix the world.  They will fix the protective bubble around the sun that protects the earth from harmful radiation, they will fix the ozone hole, cause rising waters to recede, and so on.

It’s interesting how we look back at people making the pharohs into gods, and think how silly they were, when it seems to me that we do the same thing.

But then again, maybe it’s just a conspiracy theory, because we know politicians don’t engage in conspiracies, except when the approved government sources say so.

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  1. Randy says:

    Crap & Tax is just a Massive Global Warming tax to supply the money to prevent the collapse of the Massive Democrat Welfare Society. Without the new taxes it all collapses under its own weight. Oh and they subjugation of the individual is just a benefit as far as the Marxists are concerned. Stop the massive global warming tax.

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