World Net Daily has an article that reports at the arm twisting that went on to pass the sell out bill.  Members of Congress were told that Martial Law would be declared if they failed to pass the bill.  In fact a combat brigade was assigned, according to the Army Times, the same mission they had in Iraq, only this time in the United States, starting October 1st.  The bailout has worked so badly that even the bond market is now said to be in danger.

This comes just after recent revealations that police have been classifying peace activists as terrorists, including nuns, priests, and other people, because that way they no longer have to get warrants.   There are even reports of policing arriving to stop people from committing suicide or hurting themselves, and the police just killing the person.

The fact is that Bloomberg had reported that a bailout might require as much as 5 TRILLION dollars, not the 700 Billion, if the government started down that road, backon Sep 22, 2008.  Of course it seems to me that is whole thing is on purpose, because we keep ignoring the people who warned about this (e.g. Ron Paul) and instead insist on giving even more power to the people that are robbing us.

According to the editor of International Currency Review (published since 1969), the true scoop of this financial meltdown is well known to the insiders, and the media is just feeding us a pack of convenient lies to keep us all dumb and happy.

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