According to Free Market News:

Sources close to the Ron Paul (R-Tex) presidential campaign point out gleefully that in a single night Ron Paul took in more money -$102,000 – than the entire GOP apparatus did….

Ha, ha. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Even though Ron Paul is from Texas, the Texas GOP (i.e. the Bush cabal) wanted to freeze him out, but instead just pissed off all the honest members of the party.

In the spirit of compiling a nationwide scientific poll based on people who actually went to the straw polls and voted, here are the results since Iowa.


Pre Texas Total %
Ron Paul 772 217 989 25.58
Mitt Romney 581 61 642 16.6
Fred Thompson 470 266 736 19.03
Rudy Giuliani 266 78 344 8.9
Sam Brownback 168 6 174 4.5
Mike Huckabey 127 83 210 5.43
John McCain 110 8 118 3.05
Duncan Hunter 34 534 568 14.69
Tommy Tancredo 15 6 21 0.54
Other 24 41 65 1.68
Total 2567   3867 100

I guess I could reorder it, but it looks like Ron Paul is the front runner with 25+%, followed by Fred the undecider, Mitt Romney, and then Duncan Hunter. McCain might as well roll up his shop and go home at this rate, at least then he can be like Fred and pay out his pac money to his family and friends. (Yes, I know that Ron Paul has paid his daughter, a CPA, 163K for 6 years of full time work, if you think that is expensive, go and hire a CPA that you really can trust for 6 years).

Of course the Republican party hates Ron Paul for his principles more than superman hates Kryptonite, so you can be sure that the talking heads at Faux news (who want to see Hillary and Ghoulani run from the close meetings that Murdoch has had with both of them) will continue to ridicule and marginalize Ron Paul, while holding up the cross dressing Ghoul as some paragon of virtue.

But what do you expect from the elite controlled news? If you want news, you need to be like Ray McGovern (former CIA analyst) and get your news from several sources, because there is always a bias from a single source (including me if you haven’t noticed).

Actually this is the problem with becoming a commercial entity, you start to pander to those stories/topics that get you higher ratings, and the more dependent you become on a revenue stream from that kind of topic, the more you write about whatever brings the most revenue. It really is a vicious circle.


  1. Clayton Slade says:

    Actually the total raised on Friday was $125,000, NOT $102,000. The $102k is just from the private dinner fundraiser. An additional $23k was raised at the Jimmie Vaughan concert/rally/auction. We auctioned a functional civil war replica rifle engraved with Ron Paul’s signature for $7,600, for example. The entry fee was $25 and we had 800-1300 in attendance (delegates free).

  2. Christopher McNamara says:

    Ron Paul, after winning the Maryland straw poll is the candidate the Murdoch led media would love to just go away.
    Unfortunately for them, he is just beginning to build momentum.

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