It seems that the federal government is calling up doctors to try and find out if they are turning away Medicaid patients.  Apparently the federal government is calling doctors sometimes at least three times to try and arrange appointments for various illnesses and see whether they accept Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurances at different rates.

I can tell you that this is definitely true.  Up until now doctors did not have to take Medicare if they didn’t want to, leading them to choose to avoid being treated like Dr. Sells who was sent to jail over Medicare fraud for allegedly not using enough mercury in the teeth fillings that he did as a dentist (this is not to say that his fillings were defective, they were just mercury free when the government (in 1999) was pushing for people to have mercury put into their mouths).  The government took his case to the United States Supreme court to attempt to have him forcibly drugged because he believed the government was against him.

As Dr. Rutten Wassson who doesn’t take any insurance says:

“I don’t waste anywhere near as much time on paperwork. Yes, I do other things. I take out my own trash. I clean my own instruments. I clean my own toilets.” She prefers this to working within the insurance system. “I’m autonomous. I don’t let third-party payers or clinic staff get between me and the patient.”

Personally it seems to me that the best choice for doctors to do is say that they don’t take medicaid patients, but they might have a charity plan that you can use.  If doctors think this out they might be better with a charity plan for some types of doctors rather than taking Medicaid, it’s just less risky when you are only just losing money on charity patients.  Actually there is one person running for President who did do exactly that and is rumored to be fairly successful, Dr. Ron Paul.  Between Dr. Paul’s time in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and his time in the United States congress as a representative from the state of Texas (whose congressional office operates under budget and refunds to the treasury each year) he was in private practice as an OB/GYN where he delivered over 4000 babies.  Yet he never took Medicare or Medicaid, instead working things out privately between him and the patients, even treating some for free.

If we really needed someone to fix healthcare, we should maybe look to a medical doctor who worked for both the  government and private practice.  If we need someone to fix the economy maybe we should look to someone who has for years served on high level banking committees, is currently the chairman of U.S. House Subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, and has written best selling books on economics.  If we want someone with character, we should have someone who has a proven history of standing up for liberty against overwhelming odds.

Ron Paul has spent years researching these issues, working in Congress for decades on monetary and fiscal policy, often times being the lone vote trying to hold back the growing tide of laws that he feels are unconstitutional.  I wonder why all these well funded candidates are working so hard to suppress people from hearing Ron Paul clearly.   Maybe it was because we all want simple answers to complex questions, rather than well thought out and researched plans that were written when no one was paying attention, that people and the media had been so dismissive of Ron Paul.  After all “Hope and Change” are nice simple slogans.  I think it’s time to move beyond simple slogans to plans that have been publicly articulated and discussed.

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