Recently I was quoting a study that was reported in Bloomberg a year ago about Green Jobs making at least 2.2 other jobs disapear.

A person I wasn’t even talking to started swearing at me and accused me of making up the study.  Here is the actual study (pdf, local copy).  Of course some people will claim that the Spanish University study is biased because it wasn’t written by Michael Mann, or Al Gore, the only people you can really trust about climate science.

But this isn’t about Climate Science, as dubious as that field might be, but rather economics.  Of course, according the high priests of the Federal Reserve Bank, only people who have passed their PhD exams in economics can understand just how wonderful the world is being made by the banks.  Apparently most people who think that bailing out banks while throwing the middle class under the bus are stupid, because people who make 6 figures or more are so much smarter than the person who is forced out of business because the government decides that more resources should be spent making gasoline from corn (see the BioFuel Hoax) and other ideas that seem to lack a sound basis in economics to me.  But then again, according the the High Priests of the Federal Reserve, you should only believe what they say.

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