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It’s funny how if ANYONE else wins in Iowa, it matters, but Fox news has come out strong against Ron Paul at every turn.  Chris Wallace came right out and even said:

“The Ron Paul people are not going to like my saying this, but to a certain degree, it will discredit the Iowa caucuses because, rightly or wrongly, I think most of the Republican establishment thinks he’s not going to end up as the nominee. So therefore, Iowa won’t count.”

Whenever anyone else won in Iowa, that mattered, but if Ron Paul wins, it means that Iowa no longer matters according to the puppet masters.  They would rather people vote for Obama or Mickey Mouse than Ron Paul.

I think the reason why is best covered by this video from CNN (sadly more people at CNN seem to care about balancing the budget and integrity than the people at Faux News)

I have to laugh when I see that for some reason, people are hoping for a credible third party to rise up for the presidency.  The fact is that the media has been ignoring the third party candidates since Wilson beat Roosevelt so the Federal Reserve Act could get pushed through.

The only reason the media wants to start covering third parties now is because Ron Paul is bringing a serious discussion about what the roll of government should be in our lives, and the affairs of foreign nations.  The only person running for president AND that could actually become president who is raising these issues is Ron Paul.   The first thing Ron Paul would do is figure out how to bring our troops home safely and quickly.  What does that mean?  I can see that there are security concerns and all of those things, but the right thing is to leave as quickly as possible.  The United States was at it’s best when we let other countries be free of our control, not establishing fake protectorates around the globe that pretend to argue with the United States over petty issues.

In any case, this year we will see if America truly wants to embrace the Patriot Act, Patriot Act II and whatever else they come up to justify endless wars, because there is a real option that we need to think about, and that is Ron Paul.

I am not saying that the world will be at peace with Ron Paul as president, but it will at least have a chance.

Okay finally after admitting that the media is trying kick Ron Paul from the race.  Charlie Cook comes out with his report saying that Ron Paul is too far to the right to appeal to voters.  Let’s look at the “extreme right” positions that Ron Paul takes that are different from all the other Republican candidates

Ron Paul

  • has opposed the Patriot Act from day 1.
  • wants to bring the troops home and stop invading countries
  • wants to get rid of the TSA
  • would work to get rid of most federal criminal penalties for drug possession
These are the issues that somehow are now “extreme right” issues if you follow the media logic.  I guess when a “liberal” is in charge, any position that is in opposition to that one is “extreme right”.  So by that definition John Lennon would be in the “extreme right” if he were alive today.
Scary how they just change the meanings of words.
The media will do anything to ensure that Obama does not have to run against Ron Paul.  The sad truth is that under both Republican and Democrat presidents there has been a commitment to growing the state, and taking away the liberty of the people.  While you might wonder why the media doesn’t report about the decreasing liberty, you have to realize that a local news anchor can make upwards of $700K/yr in some markets.  That means that the pundits and their ilk live in a completely different world from the people who don’t have the luxury of being able to take a trip for fun. So they don’t experience too many inconvinences and it keeps the rif raf in check.
The next thing the media is going to do is accuse Ron Paul of being racist.  I am sure they will find some neo-nazi moron who “supports” Ron Paul.  Frankly any neo-nazi that’s not being ground into dust by the government is working as an agent provocateur because if the government wants you in jail, you are going to be in jail.
But I’ll tell you the real reason why Ron Paul isn’t in the news, because he keeps the conversation on the POLICIES while the media wants to talk about PERSONALITIES.  Policy is boring, scary and polarizing, personalities is something new all the time (did you see what color tie he was wearing?).   As long as America wants to focus on personalities rather than the real issues, then Ron Paul will be marginalized.

Sadly I don’t think most Americans realize just how close it seems we are to having military action in Iran.

Libya was the test case for going into Iran.   As Ron Paul says, Iran doesn’t have an effective air force, no real navy and lacks refined fuel, but somehow Ron was crazy for saying that we shouldn’t be so worried about Iran, rather lets get America back on track.  For that he was all but laughed at by the whole debate panel and almost called crazy to his face.

Now this is after the world has been turned upside down for U.S. troops with the stupid announcement that Seal Team 6 was taken out by an RPG,  I can only think that some people are sending a very loud and clear message.

Here is what seems to be an authentic sounding account by a Taliban fighter who said he shot one of the two RPG rockets that hit the helicopter.  The fighter telling the story said that while he was thinking, his partner shot the other round into the door, and then the storyteller fired into the nose.

Up until now, it seemed that many people thought the helicopters could not be taken down.   The worst part is that he said there were two attack helicopters that occupied the downed copter, but they did nothing.

Think about that.   Two guys down a helicopter with elite special forces and the protective detachment does nothing, and in fact did not even flag a threat otherwise the helicopter would have been nowhere near the ground.

Do you know just how good the night vision and infra-red sensors are on the standard attack copters?  And these are the top of the line troops going into to assist a trapped elite Ranger unit?  And when they are downed, it’s announced to the entire world with detailed accounts from both sides?

The obvious point of this is to escalate the intensity of the ongoing conflicts so that military spending will not be cut (there may be other points such as to tell anyone to keep their mouths shut about some of the bigger lies we have been told), but the only person who is running for president that is speaking against INCREASING the wars is considered crazy for saying so.

Major media had falsely claimed that Rick Perry (story has been now changed) was the only veteran running for president, ignoring the fact that Ron Paul was a captain in the United States Air Force, and that Ron Paul was endorsed by Ronald Reagan for his stance on national defense at one point, and Ron has been consistent throughout the years.

People in the military are sick of being constantly thrown into the meat grinder and sold out.  Is it any wonder that Sgt. Jaret Hageman facing his 9th combat deployment took his life?  The sad truth is that more soldiers took their lives over the period we’ve been in Afghanistan than have been killed in combat there.

Here’s what I believe is the problem (and no this doesn’t come from anything anyone in the military has told me, but rather my research from public sources, anyhow if there was a problem I am sure the national security monitors can just review all my communications that they want):

Facing manning issues, some commanders try to force people who don’t want to be somewhere to run around with fully automatic heavy weapons.  If that isn’t completely insane I don’t know what is.

No active military officer would ever let those words out their mouths, even if they are thinking it.  Between the upcoming escalation in attacks (and who can blame the local people for standing their ground against guys who are going back to their air conditioning, flat screen tvs and beer?  Why should they just roll over?) and the media beating the drums for war with Iran, it’s all but certain that at some point in the next 16 months there will be a military taken against Iran by the United States or a close ally.

It’s not like the United States is doing such a good job of protecting people.  In Libya apparently some of the U.S. backed elements have liberated the children of orphanages to help spread the revolution.  Along with the bombing of water supplies (because terrorists drink water) some people think the point is bomb Libya back into the stone age and then use the billions sued to make it pay to get it fixed, just like Iraq.  And just like Iraq, the corrupt insiders will make all the profit, the taxpayers and military pay all the costs and take all the risks, and the people of Libya will become as serfs once more, just like Iran in 1953.

Beyond all this, the constant beating of drums of war with Iran, and Ron Paul is crazy for saying in simple terms we cannot afford to fight endless wars.  Even Obama is pushing the notion of attacking Iran, only Ron Paul stands against that, and for that the left, the supposedly anti-war left, has found a common enemy with the militaristic right, so the media, left and right bands together to ridicule and marginalize Ron Paul at every turn.

If that is the new definition of sanity, I will take the insanity of wanting peace.

If you wonder why we are killing the people of Libya to free them it’s really quite simple.

It’s about the money and resources of Libya. After encouraging Gahdafi into transferring assets into U.S. banks, the assets of Libya started to just disappear.  Goldman Sachs led the raiding party with making 1 Billion dollars disappear.  As the legal battle between Libya and Goldman was moving forward, the U.S. government led NATO into “defending” the people of Libya by killing the people of Libya.

Now after giving the “rebel” (which in the U.S. would be called terrorists) almost a billion dollars, the U.S. government wants to give them some of  the $30 Billion dollars that the U.S. is still “holding” that is the money of the Libyan government, of course the rebels aren’t going to get all the money, but they will get some which will allow the insiders to raid the funds for their own purposes.

Of course, you could believe the fiction that we are really destroying the country to save it, but it does seem to be a little extreme, I think the simple answer is it’s about money and resources.

It seems that the federal government is calling up doctors to try and find out if they are turning away Medicaid patients.  Apparently the federal government is calling doctors sometimes at least three times to try and arrange appointments for various illnesses and see whether they accept Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurances at different rates.

I can tell you that this is definitely true.  Up until now doctors did not have to take Medicare if they didn’t want to, leading them to choose to avoid being treated like Dr. Sells who was sent to jail over Medicare fraud for allegedly not using enough mercury in the teeth fillings that he did as a dentist (this is not to say that his fillings were defective, they were just mercury free when the government (in 1999) was pushing for people to have mercury put into their mouths).  The government took his case to the United States Supreme court to attempt to have him forcibly drugged because he believed the government was against him.

As Dr. Rutten Wassson who doesn’t take any insurance says:

“I don’t waste anywhere near as much time on paperwork. Yes, I do other things. I take out my own trash. I clean my own instruments. I clean my own toilets.” She prefers this to working within the insurance system. “I’m autonomous. I don’t let third-party payers or clinic staff get between me and the patient.”

Personally it seems to me that the best choice for doctors to do is say that they don’t take medicaid patients, but they might have a charity plan that you can use.  If doctors think this out they might be better with a charity plan for some types of doctors rather than taking Medicaid, it’s just less risky when you are only just losing money on charity patients.  Actually there is one person running for President who did do exactly that and is rumored to be fairly successful, Dr. Ron Paul.  Between Dr. Paul’s time in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and his time in the United States congress as a representative from the state of Texas (whose congressional office operates under budget and refunds to the treasury each year) he was in private practice as an OB/GYN where he delivered over 4000 babies.  Yet he never took Medicare or Medicaid, instead working things out privately between him and the patients, even treating some for free.

If we really needed someone to fix healthcare, we should maybe look to a medical doctor who worked for both the  government and private practice.  If we need someone to fix the economy maybe we should look to someone who has for years served on high level banking committees, is currently the chairman of U.S. House Subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, and has written best selling books on economics.  If we want someone with character, we should have someone who has a proven history of standing up for liberty against overwhelming odds.

Ron Paul has spent years researching these issues, working in Congress for decades on monetary and fiscal policy, often times being the lone vote trying to hold back the growing tide of laws that he feels are unconstitutional.  I wonder why all these well funded candidates are working so hard to suppress people from hearing Ron Paul clearly.   Maybe it was because we all want simple answers to complex questions, rather than well thought out and researched plans that were written when no one was paying attention, that people and the media had been so dismissive of Ron Paul.  After all “Hope and Change” are nice simple slogans.  I think it’s time to move beyond simple slogans to plans that have been publicly articulated and discussed.

Whether this is true or not, I found several sites that had reported that John Parsons Wheeler 3rd (the son of Col. John Parsons Wheeler Jr. (desc.) who also was working for a defense contractor) has been found in a dumpster dead.  It’s been reported that the John Parsons Wheeler 3rd had been a lawyer, an officer in the U.S. military (which anyone should be able to get his DD-214 now since he is dead, God rest his soul), had served in 3 presidential administrations (that is more than anyone but George H. Bush), built the Vietnam Vet Wall, and was last the assistant Secretary of the Air Force would gather some type of news coverage.  After all her was an arguably decorated U.S. Military officer who had been in 3 presidential administrations, and yet there are no real leads.

Unless you put credence in what former Forbes business reporter Benjamin Fulford says in his video interview and discussion with David Rockefeller if you did believe what Mr. Fulford says, things like this are going to happen more and more.  Watch the video, unlike normal television, you don’t have to pay to watch it, and you can watch it relatively unedited (I would say that there was some addition footage added, but I can’t say want might have been deleted).  If you want to see what is really going on, you might as well see what Mr. Rockefeller has to say.

You also find about George Soros while you are at it.  I don’t claim to know anything more than what these two people have to say directly from their mouths, not what someone else says they say.  But if you give credence to Mr. Fulford, who was able to sit down with a camera crew and interview David Rockefeller with Mr. Rockefeller’s full knowledge and consent, lots of people are going to die quickly if things don’t change.

If it isn’t enough that Americans have accepted  war profitter Chertoff’s demands that we submit to his naked scanning machines run by stalkers,  child molestors and pedophiles (read this story about how TSA took a woman’s three year old son away for a special private patdown),  it seems that the Department of Homeland Security can now shutdown web sites without a court order or any hearing.  They just allege that some copyright violation has occured (could be a picture, or some words), and POOF your web site is replaced by:

Siezed by Homeland Security

Siezed by Homeland Security

 Even people who are for strict enforcement of copyright laws are upset (see this article),   after all it seems strange that we allow unfetered access to the United States to people who come here to kill Americans (see the recent Portland Bomber who was born in Somalia, but became a U.S. citizen, even though he had written articles about Jihad).  Of course what most Americans don’t know is that the people who travel under other than American papers in the United States are routinely given a pass by TSA, I strongly encourage people to use foreign papers for U.S. travel whenever possible, because frankly the U.S. government cares more about the rights of foreign persons than U.S. citizens.

Well, it wasn’t a total disaster for the “Dimocrat” party as the people who keep saying that Hilary Clinton is the real 44th president, because of fraud in the 2008 election.  It looks like Rand Paul will a Senator from Kentucky, while his father, two time presidential candidate, was re-elected in Texas with 79% of the vote. Both of them are medical doctors, and both have campaigned for a smaller federal government.  Rand Paul who was constantly dogged about what he did in college with a consenting female 30 years ago, won with only 56% of the vote, despite the negative media coverage of him.

In other words, the voters are waking up to the fact that they are being lied to.  The sad thing is that that is only two real constitutionalists in the whole bunch as far as I can see, the rest are politicians, which means that the moderate democrats can work with moderate republicans to essentially avoid having to make a decision, forcing external forces to make a decision for America.

However the democrats went from 57 Senators to 51, and the Republicans went from 40 to 46, there are three independent Senators, but they tend to vote with the democrats.  In Alaska the candidate “None of the Above”, or what is more often called the write in ballots have beaten all the preselected candidates.

The House of Representatives is now 231 (r) and 167 (d).  Now I would believe they were really serious about reform if the House would draft Congressman Ron Paul as Speaker of the House.  That would by the equivalent of a nuclear bomb for the establishment.   I don’t think the republican party is serious about the whole tea party thing, unless they are willing to put Dr. Ron Paul in as Speaker of the House.

It seems that the “crazy” Christine O’Donnell from Delaware was correct, China is more likely to engage in economic warfare against the U.S. and it’s allies than military.   Recently China has quietly stopped exporting what are called “rare earth” (RE) metals .  Now for many people this is a surprise, but I had read a while ago that China was considering this, so anyone who is surprised by this shouldn’t be in the rare earth mineral supply chain.   For instance  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The London Telegraph over a year ago wrote that China was eying a BAN on rare earth exports.  The reason for this was that China wanted to actually manufacture the components that were made with RE materials, rather than just supply the materials.

Of course, China might have not acted so quickly if two things hadn’t happened recently, the Japanese dispute over islands, and the U.S. deciding to launch an investigation of Chinese subsidies of “green energy”.  Now that is just silly as it seems that all “green energy” projects are subsidized, but heck the United Steelworkers Union was crying about it, and Obama all too willing to do whatever the unions want, especially in a tight election year with the election weeks away, displayed his vast knowledge of international relations, and told China that he wanted to, as Saturday Night Live puts it, do sex to them (see video)

Obama is doing a fantastic job, hopefully someone can stop him before he obtains his goal of completely destroying America.

[Update:  I forgot to explain the importance of Rare Earth materials, basically they are used in almost all high tech devices, from batteries to flat screen tv’s, without them, there are no wind farms, no hybrid cars, no cell phones, well you get the picture]

If you ever went to a web site, and thought you read something, and then came back to what you thought was the same article and it seemed to say something different, well guess what, major media organizations do that to the “news” that they peddle.

A recent example was shown by Aaron Worthing (link) where the Washington Post “rewrote” an article that was grossly misleading about Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware, replacing it with a version that, according to Mr. Worthing, has 76% of words that are not in the original version.  It’s not that the Washington Post rewrote the story, but it’s that they pretend they didn’t.

Of course, this isn’t anything new, news stories have been tweaked and manipulated for as long as there have been news organizations, it’s just that this time the Washington Post got caught making the changes.

Recently I was talking to someone, and a person who wasn’t even in the room emailed me later to tell me how wrong I was about one of the reasons for their electricity bill being increased was the decision of Exelon to shutdown the Zion Nuclear Power Plant.   The person who likes to follow me around and find things that I didn’t state with enough accuracy (would be nice if he held the President of the United States to the same standards he expects from me, but I guess I am just that much more important to him) emailed me a wikipedia selection that said:

The Zion Nuclear Power Station was retired on February 13, 1998.[1] The plant had not been in operation since February, 1997, after a control-room operator accidentally shut down Reactor 1 and then tried to restart it without following procedures.[3]Reactor 2 was already shut down for refueling at the time of the incident. ComEd concluded that the plant could not produce competitively priced power because it would have cost $435 million to order steam generators which would not pay for themselves before the plant’s operating license expired in 2013.

Here’s the part he left out from that selection:

 This analysis was predicated on no license extension which at the time was the norm, however since then multiple plants have replaced steam generators and extended the license by 20 years.

Now, I know that Exelon had no desire to keep the Nuclear plants around (how? because I talked to the people at Exelon in person years ago about this issue), for political reasons, so they had ZERO incentive to apply for a license extension in any case, so they were not going to pursue something when they didn’t have to, and frankly I don’t blame them.

People might not see the link between the decision to keep Zion offline for the last 12 years, and the higher cost of electricity, but there is a correlation.  According to the Madison Record:

a current or former Exelon insider has apparently confirmed that the main reason Zion has been kept closed is because withholding the supply intentionally keeps prices higher for Exelon’s other supply.

There are other good sources of information about the shuttering of a viable power supply for the state of Illinois (see this, this and this) but the reality is that many people think of Nuclear Power as evil, and think that wind and solar power are better for the environment.  The true costs of wind farms has been discussed elsewhere, and seems to be a confusing subject, but it would take 600 square miles of wind farms to produce the same power that Zion used to produce.   The fact is that the U.S. cannot reduce carbon emissions, supply the same amount of power and shutter Nuclear Plants.  Something has to give, and it will be the American people who suffer, and companies like Exelon can profit because of this.

Once again, this isn’t the fault of Exelon, rather it’s the people who believe that the masses should live at the techonological level of the 1900’s that are the problem, and they will spin the facts whichever way to bring back the times of the serfs.

The said thing is the masses who believe that they will be spared from serfdom because they supported the agenda of stupidity.

The other day I was talking to someone, and I said that the media had edited the clip from Rand Paul to make it seem that he supported businesses that don’t want to serve black people.  I had made a slight mistake in the whole thing (the video was not edited, the transcript just added one word that wasn’t there, obviously adding a yes when someone means no is perfectly valid), and someone (who fanatically supports Obama) who overheard the conversation chased me down to demand that I “prove” my position, because MSNBC and the New York Times had reported differently.  Also he falsly attributed to me statements that I didn’t make, because I am not in favor of people who falsify information, but that doesn’t stop people who believe the ends justify the means from attributing to others what they themselves might be doing.

Real Clear Politics had written an article about this (link), and heres is the video that it was based on

And the transcript:

MADDOW:  Do you think that a private business has the right to say we

don‘t serve black people?

PAUL:  Yes.  I‘m not in favor of any discrimination of any form.  I

would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race.  We still do

have private clubs in America that can discriminate based on race. 

The New York times also reported

Asked by Ms. Maddow if a private business had the right to refuse to serve black people, Mr. Paul replied, “Yes.”

Afterwards the Shirley Sherrod (Huffington post version) incident was brought up, not by me, but by the well informed individual who said that I compared the Rand Paul incident to the video editing that led to the firing of “women” at the USDA, because I am only aware of one video, and only the one woman got fired.

The problem wasn’t that the video was edited and posted on a web site that everyone knows likes to mislead (okay so what’s the difference between that and MSNBC, Fox, The New York Times, et al.), but rather that the NAACP and the USDA forced this woman out without letting her tell her side of the story.  The people at fault here is not some guy who got a video from someone else, but rather the people who rather than hearing both sides, just viciously attack a woman, who while I might have numerous disagreements with her on other issues, was wronged by the government, and the Obama Administration specifically.

One set of statements was taken out of context and then forwarded on to a marginal website which posted the edited video that they had gotten, the other was reported as fact in major media, and originated as fact from major media.  Not that I had even brought up the other video at all, it was interjected that to deflect from the obvious manipulation that MSNBC/New York Times engaged in.

Of course, the New York Times and MSNBC can make up whatever stories they want, and you are welcome to defend them.  I am not arguing that either issues are correct, in fact the one has nothing to do with the other as far as I can see, but you are welcome to see conspiracies everywhere.

But the real news item should be how the United States government can justify condeming people without trial, and sad to say, Shirley Sherrod is just the tip of the iceberg, of course though Obama is the “Peace Prize President”, so what has this Prince of Peace wrought?

Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable for the President of the United States can announce that he is going to kill Americans without a trial, whereever they might be in the world just because he says so.  Hurray, I am so glad we don’t have a king who can just make rulings and they are law.  That’s so old fashioned, now we are just too stupid to realize that it’s all a sham, so they just rotate out one idiot for another puppet and the masses think they are getting change and hope.

Also it seems that that place in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, is vital to keep as a prison as well, so much for the close Gitmo rhetoric of the current chief puppet of the United States, then again, we must all follow the wild dictates.

Attorneys are thrown in jail for over 500 days for actually upholding the constitution (no really read for yourself and make up your own mind).

It seems that “Global Warming” has a new name now by Chief Scientific Advisor of the Obama Administration.  For those of you who have been asleep, Global Warming was replaced by Global Climate Change and as of this week “Global Climate Disruption” is the new terminology, anyone who still believes in Global Warming is an idiot, because as Al Gore said about Global Warming, “the science is settled”, too bad it was the exact opposite of what we were told, but while BP was pushing Global <term of the week>, someone did something that may have been much worse.

BP had a catostrophic failure of an Oil Platform, if you haven’t heard of it, you are a complete moron, because it’s been in the news for a long time, and not just because Obama seemed to be on vacation most of the time while the crisis was unfolding, and the Gulf of Mexico was basically rendered a toxic dump.

But I see that the biggest new item is none of these things, rather it’s whether some woman running for Senator in a tiny state the Bidens used to control (in my opinion, I have no direct evidence to prove this at this time), doesn’t like wiccans, or witchcraft or stinky feet.  In my opinion whatever they are trying to sell people on is not what is important, they’d be talking about how Obama’s dog has fleas if there was an asteroid the size of the moon heading towards, earth and most people wouldn’t even notice the asteroid until too late, decrying anyone who thinks that a dog with fleas is not a real story, and that you are just a conspiracy nut.

Recently Obama made a speech where he was pushing the 50 billion dollar infrastructure investment, as if it was something new.  It’s not.  That is the ongoing money that has been allocated to maintain the roads, tracks, and airports.  As Roy Tov points out, the whole thing amounts to:

3.7% of the roads, 2.8 of the railways and 1.9% of the airports

Wow, such an investment in the future.  At the same time, it’s been reported that Rahm Emanuel has some really interesting thoughts about the unions, which leads me to wonder what is going on.  Well it doesn’t look good, according to, it’s estimated that banks are still holding at least 20 trillion dollars in “toxic assets”, this is one reason even though businesses have reserves the economy is not getting better, because the next hammer is going to fall soon.   And that might be one reason why Barrack Obama was selected to be the President, after all everyone gave him a pass when he was running for president, no one wanted to investigate his shady background, or his ties to the CIA, rather any questions were easily deflected with the “you are just racists” response.

And while the jobless rate increases, the fact that it wasn’t a completely horrible number somehow shows that we are in some strange recovery.  So as the economy contracts by at least 1.3% based on GDP (see this article by Stephen Lendman from Chicago for a much better analysis) it seems strange that people aren’t rising up in anger at the way the car is being driven over the cliff.  But then again, a large number of people still work for the government, and as Mort Zuckerman writes in the Financial Times (hopefully the link works), the whole term public servant has become inverted because the so called servants are now the masters in America, with better. well everything than the rest of the people.  

And therein lies the problem, the “public servants” with more paid time off, better connections to politicians will continue to milk the rest of the economy until things completely explode, the question is not so much a matter of if, but rather when, and given the state of affairs in the United States, with mandates for health care, schools, and no mandates for police, and an unwillingness to even enforce the laws restricting criminal entry into the country, the collapse will be uncontrollable.

But then again, I hope I am totally wrong.

The new EU Ambassador has taken over from the EU vassal states, announcing that he will be leading the show in Washington DC when it comes the vassal states of the EU.

Of course, this is something I expected, as the EU has it’s own UN ambassador as well.  Of course this was all played down before the sheeple in Europe agreed to this.

First, I think we should stop fighting undeclared wars.  That said, somehow Afhanhistan is a NATO operation.  In fact NATO lists McChrystal as “Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), General Stanley McChrystal “.  I have to think that it’s up to NATO how to deal with the U.S. soldier on LOAN to them from the United States.

Of course that is if NATO is really in charge of anything other than spending money.   Note the difference in how McChrystal is being treated than Raum Emmauel.  There is definetely a double standard when the White House stands behind a man who went up and threatened congressmen in the showers.  McChrystal is the kind of person who tries to do their best and maintain the highest standards, and will of course, resign if asked (or even hinted).

Why wouldn’t he?  He is instantly going to be one of the most respected people in the world, regardless of the morality or legality of the Afghanistan situation, as he was doing the job asked, however relunctantly, but as good as it could be done.  He wasn’t golfing, going to concerts or even spending time with his family.

In other words, he was doing what we always say about the military.  Protecting the country as our elected officials were directing him to do so, even though it meant that he put in more working hours in a month than Obama has done his entire time as president.

But, somehow he isn’t politically correct enough, a man who voted for Obama.  Right now I think McChrystal should be president, not for his political savvy or for his economics, but just because he’s the hardest working civil servant I’ve ever seen, and I think he does it because he wants what is best for America. And that might not mean endless wars overseas.

I hope Obama encourages him to resign, I think hope that he meets with Ron Paul and frankly explains his foreign and economic policies with Congress Paul, becase I trust Ron Paul to at least ask some decent questions.  At the least McChrystal should be put in charge of the gulf oil spill because he does work non stop until someone yanks on his chain.

It seems to that Rand Paul is finding it hard to say the right things anymore. After he was attacked for saying he didn’t think that the government should leave businesses alone. Of course this played out that Rand Paul must be opposed to civil rights. Rather than try to point out that all people should have the same rights Rand Paul has come out now supporting the government regulating businesses in the name of civil right. What is more is that Rand Paul has complained about Obama taking the nuclear option off the table in regards to Iran.
Unfortunately, I think that Rand Paul is being handled by someone now and that he will gradually become the very thing that he was allegedly against.

As many people might be aware, Rand Paul has won the Republican Nomination in Kentucky.  Rand Paul is an eye doctor who helped start a Lions eye clinic in Kentucky and is the son of Dr. Ron Paul.

Rand defeated the GOP handpicked candidate who had the support of Dick Cheney and Guillani.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of a sea change in politcs.

First, I appreciate the services that Google offers, but I have to say that the trend towards Google’s censoring of the internet is disturbing.

I admit that I was saddened when I found out that unless you EXPLICTLY target my web site, Google will return zero results.  It seems that it could be worse.  Apparently Google has decided (much like Obama has said to do) that certain “information” is harmful for people to have, namely that Obama’s Social Security Number was issued to someone who applied for it in Connecticut.

I’ve long believed that the problem with Google is that it is a part of the intelligence community, which was it’s real problem with China, not that fake argument about censorship, because Google has been controlling the information that it returns for a while now, it’s just becoming more blatant.

The real reason why Obama wants Kagan on the Supreme Court is so that Obama (or his succesor) can control the internet. Under Kagan the office of the Solicitor General has stated that she believes the government should be able to ban books that it does not like.  I find it interesting that so many so called “liberal” or progressives stay silent when a Democratic president wants to appoint fascists to the Supreme court.

Finally I wasn’t going to mention it, but also no one on the so called “left” is crying about how, if Kagan is appointed to the Supreme Court, 2% of the population will make up 33% of the Supreme Court, now that’s commitment to diversity (for Pat Buchanan’s article about this click here).

[Update: Here is Google Blog search for Shane Vincent, note that my web site is excluded from the results]

It appears that the GOP dirty tricks might have backfired in Kentucky.

Basically the GOP told Dr. James Dobson falsehoods about Rand, which resulted in Dr. Dobson making an ad endorsing Rand in which he tells of how he was mislead into making an embarassing mistake.

Now recent polls show Rand ahead by more than the margin of undecided voters.  I think this is quite interesting because the other day a veteran was talking to me about how Rand Paul is being pushed out, apparently he listens to the GOP talking heads as well.

In any case, the only poll that counts is the one that will be counted Tuesday night in Kentucky.  Hopefully Rand Paul will win, which will send a message to both parties that people are tired of the same old lies.