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Apparently, it was the fault of the mall that some woman who was texting and walking fell into a fountain at a mall.  The woman has threatened to sue the mall where the incident took place because after she fell into a fountain and walked away, she wasn’t chased down by mall security for falling into the fountain.  Of course if they had approached her, she would have sued for harassment.

Over 14 years ago, I remember playing online games (there were several different versions), the games would store information in some database and keep track of where I was. About 8 years ago, someone got a patent on this idea, now a company is suing game companies, since no one has challenged the patent for 8 years.

Of course, the lawyers love that people are suing people for infringing on ideas that were in wide usage before someone got a patent, for the rest of us it raises costs, and stifles innovation.

Lately I’ve been seeing in the news is how the evil Republicans are not willing to approve a new STARTtreaty with Russia that they were not consulted on, or included in the discussions of.  To be clear according to the Constitution, Article VI, Section 1, Clause 2 (also known as the Supremacy Clause):

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding

Think about this, a treaty is on the same level as the Constitution for legal purposes, and yet when congress does it’s job, and refuses to pass a new SUPREME law of the land, they are harangued for now bowing down and licking the hand of the great leader.  To be perfectly clear, I am against almost all of these complex treaties, as I support the words of George Washington:

The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.

I think that we would be better served by getting our own house in order, reducing military spending, and bringing the banksters in line, instead our fearless leader wants to saddle Americans with more complex agreements that we should just shut up and accept.  Sadly many people will fall for the propaganda that passes for news and think the world will end if Russia and the U.S. enter into what is a essentially a meaningless gesture for arms control (since we seem to be heading towards a conflict with North Korea, rather than Russia these days).

I recently read an article at TechDirt where a teenager who “received” a stolen motorcycle (supposedly from someone named Skye) and as part of the probation terms he was ordered to not use many electronic means of communications or “use a computer that contains any encryption”.

Let me tell you a secret, it’s so secret that the appeals court that overturned the bulk of the other restrictions left the restriction “shall not use a computer that contains any encryption” intact even after loosening the others, all devices that people consider as computers these days have some form of encryption installed.  Windows has the “encrypting file system” (EFS) installed, and most email is sent using some encryption (for instance the common HTTPS protocol uses encryption keys to transmit information).

So since this teenager is banned from using any computer that has any encryption, if he uses any computer he can be sent to jail, all because he ended up with a stolen motorcycle (I would not disagree if people thought he was a punk).  Brilliant, judges really are the smartest and best people on the planet.

Recently I was talking to someone, and a person who wasn’t even in the room emailed me later to tell me how wrong I was about one of the reasons for their electricity bill being increased was the decision of Exelon to shutdown the Zion Nuclear Power Plant.   The person who likes to follow me around and find things that I didn’t state with enough accuracy (would be nice if he held the President of the United States to the same standards he expects from me, but I guess I am just that much more important to him) emailed me a wikipedia selection that said:

The Zion Nuclear Power Station was retired on February 13, 1998.[1] The plant had not been in operation since February, 1997, after a control-room operator accidentally shut down Reactor 1 and then tried to restart it without following procedures.[3]Reactor 2 was already shut down for refueling at the time of the incident. ComEd concluded that the plant could not produce competitively priced power because it would have cost $435 million to order steam generators which would not pay for themselves before the plant’s operating license expired in 2013.

Here’s the part he left out from that selection:

 This analysis was predicated on no license extension which at the time was the norm, however since then multiple plants have replaced steam generators and extended the license by 20 years.

Now, I know that Exelon had no desire to keep the Nuclear plants around (how? because I talked to the people at Exelon in person years ago about this issue), for political reasons, so they had ZERO incentive to apply for a license extension in any case, so they were not going to pursue something when they didn’t have to, and frankly I don’t blame them.

People might not see the link between the decision to keep Zion offline for the last 12 years, and the higher cost of electricity, but there is a correlation.  According to the Madison Record:

a current or former Exelon insider has apparently confirmed that the main reason Zion has been kept closed is because withholding the supply intentionally keeps prices higher for Exelon’s other supply.

There are other good sources of information about the shuttering of a viable power supply for the state of Illinois (see this, this and this) but the reality is that many people think of Nuclear Power as evil, and think that wind and solar power are better for the environment.  The true costs of wind farms has been discussed elsewhere, and seems to be a confusing subject, but it would take 600 square miles of wind farms to produce the same power that Zion used to produce.   The fact is that the U.S. cannot reduce carbon emissions, supply the same amount of power and shutter Nuclear Plants.  Something has to give, and it will be the American people who suffer, and companies like Exelon can profit because of this.

Once again, this isn’t the fault of Exelon, rather it’s the people who believe that the masses should live at the techonological level of the 1900’s that are the problem, and they will spin the facts whichever way to bring back the times of the serfs.

The said thing is the masses who believe that they will be spared from serfdom because they supported the agenda of stupidity.

Yes, it’s true, Hershey claims that when you have a rectangle subdivided into smaller rectangles (or squares) (like say a window) you might be violating their trademark!.  MSNBC has the story (what there is of it) where Hershey is suing Williams-Sonoma over the rectangular shape of a brownie pan that has squares in it for all the brownies.

It seems that nature just isn’t playing along with my friends who believe that man made global warming is going to drown us as the waters rise 200 feet.

The Himalayan glaciers seem to be growing along with 11 other major glacier ranges.  And it turns out the IPCC made up claims about how man made global warming was effecting the Amazon rain forest as well.  Now, I am not too happy about the fact that it seems that the earth might actually be cooling, because, I worry about the future of food, especially since we are diverting food to produce biofuels, which a World Bank report says has driven the cost of food up by 75%!   If the planet is cooling that means lower crop yields, and even more than the 1 Billion people that were need of food last year will need food in the coming year.

But some people believe that is really the point of the green movement, that a return to nature means the end of humanity as we know it.  Prince Phillip, a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (a source of many of the claims that the IPCC made) thinks the Ebola virus would be a great thing to be unleashed in the world.

But I am sure he really cares about you.

Recently I read an article in the Guardian that claims that the increased diversion of grains to biofuel in the United States alone could have fed 330 million people last year.  This even as the number of people needing food reached a record 1 BILLION people.  There are many reports that even the claim the biofuels reduce global warming is a fraud, producing up to 420 times as much carbon dioxide as the “evil” fossil fuels that are supposedly so bad.

One site breaks down how much MORE fossil fuels are needed to produce the “good” biofuel (original peer reviewed study):

  • Ethanol production using corn grain required 29% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Ethanol production using switchgrass required 50% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Ethanol production using wood biomass required 57% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Biodiesel production using soybean required 27% more fossil energy than the biodiesel fuel produced. (Note, the energy yield from soy oil per hectare is far lower than the ethanol yield from corn; but see where 3.5:1 gain is claimed.)
  • Biodiesel production using sunflower required 118% more fossil energy than the biodiesel fuel produced.”

 In other words, Biofuel INCREASES the cost of food, INCREASES the cost of fossil fuels, and even more damages engines.   But that doesn’t stop stupid people from support this fake “renewable” energy craze.  It sounds good, and Al Gore supports it, so it must be good.  Of course farmers and the oil companies are happy, and so they’ll promote it.  I think even car manufacturers are happy about it destroying engines.

Which is why we will continue to destroy the world while pretending we are being green.

Some would say that the United States is bankrupt, and I agree that the government of the United States is morally and fiscally beyond bankrupt.  That said, it seems that Obama wants to destroy any real hope of a recovery.

Let me explain.  Obama doesn’t support the re-institution of the Glass-Seagall act provisions that prevented the same entity from creating credit and using that same credit that it created to invest.  This was what created the dot-com boom, and it’s what put the banking system (which I am not happy about for other reasons) into the current state of affair.

Instead, Obama, under the guise of banking reform, will force banks (real ones, not the fake Goldman-Sachs banks) to make the loans that the government allows them to make, forcing industry to either look to China, Japan or Europe for large financial outlays.  In exchange for these loans, companies will be encouraged to move their factories to those regions.

Obama is helping this move with GM announcing that it will start importing Chinese made cars last year, much of the funding done by the U.S. government bank that was explictly created for the purpose of moving business overseas as this article explains:

in practically every instance, U.S. taxpayers are tapped to subsidize loans and loan guarantees used to finance the export of auto manufacturing overseas. One of the chief conduits of this corrupt corporate welfare is the Export-Import Bank Export-import Bank (Ex-IM Bank)

The U.S. federal government agency that extends trade credits to U.S. companies to facilitate the financing of U.S. exports.  (Eximbank), created in 1934 during the FDR administration for the express purpose of financing trade deals with Josef Stalin’s Soviet regime. At present, Eximbank provides over $15.5 billion in taxpayer-subsidized loans or loan guarantees annually.

So the only U.S. government entity that is called a “BANK” (the Federal reserve is not an agency of the United States government, though many people think otherwise) only exists to MOVE business overseas.   This will accelerate under the current plans of the administration, in fact I think just the yapping about these plans are encouraging any reasonable business entity to find a non-United States international home.

The reality is that there is no longer any incentive for “large” banks to loan to small net worth individuals and businesses, and small banks are going to be forced out of the market because they are too small to be allowed to grow under the crazy Obama plan.  In fact, the Obama National Socialism plan combines government with big banks to control every aspect of people’s lives.

It’s interesting that it seems that Obama’s communications regulatory expert, Cass Sunstien, has advocated the criminalization of speech against Anthropogenic Global Warming, even as more evidence is coming out about the incredible amount of manipulation of the data that is not being reported.  But why would it be, when the people who put Obama in power controlled the media to ensure that he rose to power in the first place.

An interesting example is how Scott Brown is characterized as “far right“.  The real Scott Brown, has not ever stood for a smaller government,  was a key part of the team that designed RomneyCare,  and

Scott Brown joined the Democrats and passed legislation requiring Massachusetts to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in a cap-and-trade pact among Northeastern states requiring power plants to reduce emissions or to buy credits from cleaner industries.

“Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,” Brown said in a news release

Wow, he’s only far right in speeches, but otherwise, he and his fellow lawyer Barrack Obama seem to agree more than they disagree!  If that is what passes for “far right” today, the United States is truly doomed.  Let’s face facts, we are constantly given two bad choices by the media, which hypes up the minor differences between them, to make it look as if we are making some real choice, when the fact is that whichever one we vote for the end result is the same.

And this will only get worse.  Recently the United States Supreme Court (e.g the visible puppet masters) said that corporations have even more rights again than humans and can now dump unlimited amounts of money into any election they want.  In other words, the perfect marriage of corporations and government, at least if you own corporations and want serfs.

Actually the headline is entirely sarcasm.  The real story is that a person at a laundry was speaking english and was killed as a result.

According to the House of Representatives, the Healthcare bill includes :

H.R. 3962 provides that an individual (or a husband and wife in the case of a joint return) who does not, at any time during the taxable year, maintain acceptable health insurance coverage for himself or herself and each of his or her qualifying children is subject to an additional tax.” [page 1]

                                                         – – – – – – – – – –                                                   

If the government determines that the taxpayer’s unpaid tax liability results from willful behavior, the following penalties could apply…” [page 2]

                                                         – – – – – – – – – –    

Criminal penalties

Prosecution is authorized under the Code for a variety of offenses.  Depending on the level of the noncompliance, the following penalties could apply to an individual:

• Section 7203 – misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

• Section 7201 – felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.” [page 3]

Nice to see that all the people that cry about not having insurance and want the government to do something about it are going to get some government action, they will be sent to jail for not having insurance.  Hurray for democracy!

A little to late, the Mainstream media is beginning to wonder, does Obama have any concept of how the rest of the people really experience life?

What I am talking about is when NBC has articles like “Obama’s Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting” which is at the more telling link “A-Disconnected-President.html”.   It’s nice that some people are realizing that the president is disconnected from reality, the problem is that it’s over a year too late for them to finally realize it.

Obama lives in a seperate world from the rest of America, and he is surrounded by people who fawn all over him, especially the media (the White House has been working to  ban media that didn’t fawn over Obama).  Unfortunately the media will start to question the government takeover of health care probably a year after it is passed as well, once again too late to do anything, and that means even salvaging the tatters of their reputations, much less their standard of living.

It used be to Global Warming (before that it was the coming Ice Age the was the worry of the current Obama Science Czar), now that the BBC grudingly admits that the warmest year in the last decade was 1998, or that the drums for global warming were beating as far back as 1938, (and the Artic had a warming period in the 1920s) but then it got cold, and then warm again, it’s almost as if the planet has a natural cycle of warming and cooling!

But that isn’t what prompted me to write this article, rather it’s the not surprising news that Al Gore doesn’t want a solution to global warming that DOESN’T include a taxation scheme.  At least that’s how, read a Newsweek article that was falling all over itself trying to make Gore into a sort of demi god.

The sad fact is that there are those people who want nothing more than to CONTROL other people, and fear of the inability of man to control the elements has long been a tool to control people, throughout time the reason that earthquakes and floods have happened has been blamed on the sins of the people, now it’s just wrapped in a thin veneer of  shaky science.

With the new national emergency declared about the H1N1 virus, expect more people to be striken ill from the adverse effects of a vaccine that is forced on them, much as Nikiyah Torres has been.  Of course normally people allegedly “volunteer” for the vaccination, as has been the reason why the VA has not given some soldier full benefits when they had adverse reactions to vaccinations.

Back in July 2008, The Daily Paul reported that Congress had a closed door meeting in March 2008 that discussed:

  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008
  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid 2009
  • The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a result of the collapse
  • The advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. Citizens” likely to move against the government
  • The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses
  • The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest
  • I find it interesting that the same things that would have had the media going wild under Bush are hailed as some great steps to save us when done by Obama.  Of course, that is why Obama was selected, because the masses are all to willing to look at the surface, and ignore the actions that are going on.

    In a strange story that I thought must be a hoax, the Daily Mail has reported that actor turned governor Schwarzeneger is backing a ban on television sets larger than 40 inches.

    This might actually be a good time to buy a television set from a store in California, because they are going to be desperate to get these televisions out of the store before the silver screen idol takes away the legal ability to see the big screens to ordinary people in California, because after all, government knows best.

    The other day after it snowed, a colleague accused me once again of not understanding Global Climate change, telling me that 99.999% of scientists say that the ocean is going rise “like 200 feet” in the next century.

    This is an example of how some people are perfectly willing to make up numbers to suit themselves.  For instance the UN’Ss IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2007 report only claimed that sea levels COULD rise 18 to 59 cm (7 to 23 inches) in the next century.

    That said, the former chairman of the International Commision on Sea Level Changes claims that the sea level is not rising and hasn’t risen for 50 years.

    What about this U.S. government web page (pdf) that states over 700 scientists dissent over the global warming claims.  It includes information like:

    Climatologist and Paloeclimate researcher Dr. Diane Douglas, who has authored or edited over 200 technical reports, also declared natural factors are dominating climate, not CO2. “The recent ‘panic’ to control GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and billions of dollars being dedicated for the task has me deeply concerned that US, and other countries are spending precious global funds to stop global warming, when it is primarily being driven by natural forcing mechanisms,” Douglas, who is releasing a major new paper she authored that will be presented at a UNESCO conference in Ghent, Belgium on March 20, 2009, told the minority staff on the Environment and Public Works Committee on March 10, 2009.  

    That said, unlike many people who believe in Global Warming because they see it on television, I have a degree in Engineering, and I know that science is not as precise as they teach in grammar school.  I can tell you that modeling something as “simple” as a closed system burning a substance is complex, much less modeling a planetary system.

    But the lack of scientific training doesn’t seem to stand in the way of people making completely unfounded claims to people with an air of authority.

    The sad thing is that we will all pay for “global warming” if Obama has his way, as he has been pushing this nonsense for years.

    Recently I had a conversation with a person who was very concerned about the plans for mandatory service for some people.  All I could say is that I wish that I was wrong all these years, because where the United States seems to be headed is not in a positive direction.

    In fact, some argue that the government considers us all terrorists now (no really read this).

    Of course, the Obama government is all about rewarding the banks while punishing the working class.  Obama insider George Soros is “having a great crisis” calling it “the culmination of his life’s work” (I wish I was making this up).  Meanwhile after giving even more money to AIG, Obama is taking a tough stance with the Auto companies.

    Rolling Stone magazine (apparently the only major media outlet that can research complete financial issues) recently published a story about AIG.  The story goes like this, AIG wanted to sell financial instruments, so they had a London subsidary create these products call Credit Default Swaps (CDS), which is the insurance on Collatoralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) which were packages of mortgages.  Now AIG didn’t want to be regulated as an insurance company or by the EU authorities, so it bought a savings and loan, and got itself classified as a “thrift” so it could be regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision (a joke of a name, since it didn’t supervise AIG).

    The nice thing about CDS’s is that AIG did not have to actually have the money to insure these things, so AIG insured over $500 BILLION of CDO’s.  That means that all the money that AIG is losing (and it will probably lose at LEAST $300 BILLION more) goes into the pockets of Obama’s banker friends, the same friends who are AT THE SAME TIME, cashing in from the government purchases of other crap (because the NEED more money).

    I had people tell me I was too hard on Obama during the election, and I don’t really blame him, he has been an advocate of socialism for years, it’s the 50+ million Americans that voted for him that are really the problem, because as long as he has his fanatical supporters, it’s hard to see this thing turning around.

    But George Soros is smiling all the way to the bank.

    In line with my earlier complaint about the web site, I read another article there by Ted Twietmeyer (who has a membership site called, this article had a lot of interesting information, and a long paragraph about Jim Bakker being in prison.  The problem is that Jim Bakker had been out of prison since 1994.  But the article goes on about how Jim Bakker is going to “have a completely new outlook on one of the oldest, most grievous (and painful) sins of the world ­ sodomy.” when he gets out in 10 years (maybe).  The problem with all this is that Jim Bakker served less than 5 years, and all this is 15 year old information.

    Now if  Ted wanted to use Jim Bakker as an example he surely could have, just using actual facts, rather than made up ramblings.  But Ted didn’t.  Maybe it’s because so many people accept what Ted (and others) say as the gospel, writing things about Ted like:

    ”  Ted Twietmeyer is a brilliant author! The way he’s organized and interpreted this data is incredible!”

    And many of Ted’s ideas are incredible (i.e. NOT CREDIBLE). 

    Ted’s web site proports to tell you what NASA isn’t telling you about Mars.  Ted represents himself as a “real” researcher, but I have to wonder at what point his imagination runs over the research, when such an easily verifiable story as the Jim Bakker one is so off base, and his other stories are even more “speculative” in my opinion.

    Often I read something on a website that has millions of readers and wonder about it.   That was true of an article at (which claims that it’s the most plagarized site on the internet) which claimed that the China Electronics Engineering Construction Management is hosted on a web site of the Candian government (this is the address  Well you would think that an article that makes a site were only a few posts are allowed would have someone read it, but I guess not.

    First is the Chinese Government website, for the Candian government you would go to  I now don’t feel bad that Rense never responds to my emails, ignores my corrections and pays no attention to me, because it is now obvious that the site is maintained by people who are great are marketing, but don’t care about the real facts.