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It seems that the federal government is calling up doctors to try and find out if they are turning away Medicaid patients.  Apparently the federal government is calling doctors sometimes at least three times to try and arrange appointments for various illnesses and see whether they accept Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurances at different rates.

I can tell you that this is definitely true.  Up until now doctors did not have to take Medicare if they didn’t want to, leading them to choose to avoid being treated like Dr. Sells who was sent to jail over Medicare fraud for allegedly not using enough mercury in the teeth fillings that he did as a dentist (this is not to say that his fillings were defective, they were just mercury free when the government (in 1999) was pushing for people to have mercury put into their mouths).  The government took his case to the United States Supreme court to attempt to have him forcibly drugged because he believed the government was against him.

As Dr. Rutten Wassson who doesn’t take any insurance says:

“I don’t waste anywhere near as much time on paperwork. Yes, I do other things. I take out my own trash. I clean my own instruments. I clean my own toilets.” She prefers this to working within the insurance system. “I’m autonomous. I don’t let third-party payers or clinic staff get between me and the patient.”

Personally it seems to me that the best choice for doctors to do is say that they don’t take medicaid patients, but they might have a charity plan that you can use.  If doctors think this out they might be better with a charity plan for some types of doctors rather than taking Medicaid, it’s just less risky when you are only just losing money on charity patients.  Actually there is one person running for President who did do exactly that and is rumored to be fairly successful, Dr. Ron Paul.  Between Dr. Paul’s time in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and his time in the United States congress as a representative from the state of Texas (whose congressional office operates under budget and refunds to the treasury each year) he was in private practice as an OB/GYN where he delivered over 4000 babies.  Yet he never took Medicare or Medicaid, instead working things out privately between him and the patients, even treating some for free.

If we really needed someone to fix healthcare, we should maybe look to a medical doctor who worked for both the  government and private practice.  If we need someone to fix the economy maybe we should look to someone who has for years served on high level banking committees, is currently the chairman of U.S. House Subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, and has written best selling books on economics.  If we want someone with character, we should have someone who has a proven history of standing up for liberty against overwhelming odds.

Ron Paul has spent years researching these issues, working in Congress for decades on monetary and fiscal policy, often times being the lone vote trying to hold back the growing tide of laws that he feels are unconstitutional.  I wonder why all these well funded candidates are working so hard to suppress people from hearing Ron Paul clearly.   Maybe it was because we all want simple answers to complex questions, rather than well thought out and researched plans that were written when no one was paying attention, that people and the media had been so dismissive of Ron Paul.  After all “Hope and Change” are nice simple slogans.  I think it’s time to move beyond simple slogans to plans that have been publicly articulated and discussed.

Recently a friend of mine was listening to some music by PiNK, specifically “Please don’t leave me“.  What amazed me is that so many people don’t see a problem with a song (and video) that promotes women beating up men.

This double standard for domestic violence was recently highlighted in an article in the Daily Mail, which reported that while 30% of arrests of men are likely to be for crimes against a person, 35% of arrests of women are likely to be for that category.  The article went on with information that while the reports of men engaged in domestic violence has had a marked decrease, the number of women engaged in the same has had a marked increase.  It even went on to tell the tale of how 14 year old girl, filmed and participated in the beating that resulted in the death of a man (apparently called happy slapping).

And this mirrors some of my own experiences, I had a female friend who like to give men “happy punches”.  She saw no problem with hitting men as hard as she could and then laughing at them.  This trend towards marginalization of men has been documented by Dr. Henry Makow for years, and yet it continues, because women are just better at playing the victim card.  I’ll give one more example, I was at dinner recently, and a woman brought up how we need to do more about breast cancer, I replied that what about prostrate cancer, and she claimed that men don’t die from prostrate cancer! (This is a woman who works in the healthcare industry).

While it is true that more people die from breast cancer (Deaths: 40,170 (female); 440 (male) source National Cancer Institute), 27,360 men died in 2009 from Prostrate cancer (source NCI), but it is the joke at parties, rather than considered to be a real problem.  And this is really the sad statement of the times, that when men die it’s funny, when men are abused, it’s humor.

I am not promoting that we should continue to pit one group against another, and fall into the false traps, I am saying that people should be treated equally and ethically, and that there shouldn’t be special rights for this group or that group, because that just allows for abuse to be over looked. Either everyone has the same rights, or we just have privileges.

It seems that nature just isn’t playing along with my friends who believe that man made global warming is going to drown us as the waters rise 200 feet.

The Himalayan glaciers seem to be growing along with 11 other major glacier ranges.  And it turns out the IPCC made up claims about how man made global warming was effecting the Amazon rain forest as well.  Now, I am not too happy about the fact that it seems that the earth might actually be cooling, because, I worry about the future of food, especially since we are diverting food to produce biofuels, which a World Bank report says has driven the cost of food up by 75%!   If the planet is cooling that means lower crop yields, and even more than the 1 Billion people that were need of food last year will need food in the coming year.

But some people believe that is really the point of the green movement, that a return to nature means the end of humanity as we know it.  Prince Phillip, a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (a source of many of the claims that the IPCC made) thinks the Ebola virus would be a great thing to be unleashed in the world.

But I am sure he really cares about you.

With the new national emergency declared about the H1N1 virus, expect more people to be striken ill from the adverse effects of a vaccine that is forced on them, much as Nikiyah Torres has been.  Of course normally people allegedly “volunteer” for the vaccination, as has been the reason why the VA has not given some soldier full benefits when they had adverse reactions to vaccinations.

Back in July 2008, The Daily Paul reported that Congress had a closed door meeting in March 2008 that discussed:

  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Economy to occur sometime in late 2008
  • The imminent collapse of the U.S. Government finances sometime in mid 2009
  • The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a result of the collapse
  • The advance round-ups of “insurgent U.S. Citizens” likely to move against the government
  • The possibility of public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses
  • The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside during massive civil unrest
  • I find it interesting that the same things that would have had the media going wild under Bush are hailed as some great steps to save us when done by Obama.  Of course, that is why Obama was selected, because the masses are all to willing to look at the surface, and ignore the actions that are going on.

    It seems that Cass Sunstein, Obama’s nominee for some sort of regulatory czar,  had proposed a plan that even he (a law school professor) said would probably be unconstitutional,where people on the internet would be required to display opposing viewpoints.

    Now this alone would be disturbing, but the movement towards a vote on the “hate speech” bill makes the issue of freedom of speech a little more pressing than most people realize.  For instance, according to Janet Porter, the hate speech bill:

    specifically targets anyone who dissents to the homosexual agenda as aiding in the commission of a crime, making them “punishable as a principal.”

    Of course that would make Carrie Prejeana federal felon at any point if she continues to hold her views.  Now I know there are those who diminish her because she was in a beauty pageant(much like Sarah Palin once was).  I have to tell you that the only people I know who watched that pageant where, uh, women.

    Let’s face it, in today’s world the Miss America pageant is a lot more tame than most of what people get on the internet where sex is allowed to be promoted, but opposing viewpoints are not.  But much as people (such as me at times) want to blame the politicians, the blame falls more correctly on the people of America.  Unfortunately the politicians are a reflection of the decay of American society and the decline in rational thinking.

    That said, I entirely understand the unwillingness of people to be the nail that stands out (and gets hammered).    But at some point people need to wake from their slumber and take responsibility for what is going on.  Hopefully they will do it while it is still legal to express dissent.

    Recently Carrie Pejean gave an honest (and polite) answer to a loaded question, and as a result was called all sorts of names.  This all part of the bias against tradition values in America.

    What most people are unaware of is that there are bills in congress right now to make what Carrie said a FEDERAL hate crime! I think that these steps are part of the process of controlling what people believe, similar to the novel 1984.

    By criminalizing comments, the discussion of certain ideas is made illegal, and it has already happened in cases in the United States.   If you have information about drugs or explosives on a web page, you can go to jail. I find that by looking at the UK, I can get an idea of the policies that will be put into place in the United States (like cameras that are used to issue tickets).  While the UK is increasingly friendly to immigrants, one of the Prime Minister’s leading advisers has said that the natives of the UK must reduce their numbers.  Already the steps towards this punishment of the people who are citizens of only one nation is being pushed in the United States, where illegal immigrants are given special treatment, while the government instead targets veterans as dangers to America.  I find it amazing that with unemployment at least at 20%, and unemployment benefits running out for many, Obama is working on giving money away to people who are here illegally, while claiming that veterans are the real danger to Americans. Of course some say that this is part of Obama’s war on labor, but I tend to think it’s part the steps that are needed to force Americans into accepting global governance.

    Even now, companies that got bailout money are trying to shutdown sites that are critical of them.  And they aren’t even real people.  Of course, in Australia some think it’s a crime to even know that the government won’t let you view websites.

    Some countries in the free world are moving to try and capture all internet traffic that a person has, and meanwhile we cry about how the Chinese are going to get our email.  At the same time, in the UNITED STATES the government can seize all your electronic equipment if someone sees you typing commands on computer instead of clicking with a mouse!

    And talking about any of these things can be considered hate speech, but we are supposed to embrace the “happy thoughts” or we are obviously anti social criminals who should be taken care of one way or another.

    As long as people continue to chase dreams, and fail to see what is really happening, I don’t see any real hope for America, but Obama isn’t the one to blame for this, it’s all the people that fail to think, and just want to be part of the (mad) crowd.

    I don’t know anyone who really wants Obama to destroy America.

    That said, it does seem that people who thought Obama was going to bring “real change” are waking up to the fact that he is just a figurehead, who will say whatever you want to hear, or rather what the polls say most people want to hear.

    When Obama was running he was against enhanced interrogation techniques, but now he says that the people at the CIA get a pass for whatever they might have done.

    Of course, what can Obama do?  Despite the “Hope” sold during the campaign, no one wanted to listen to what Dr. Ron Paul had to say on the economy, calling him names and playing childish pranks on him instead.

    Indeed, the collapse of America is something that many people throughout the world have strongly desired, even our big trading partner, the Chinese, has been working on (and succeeding) beating the United States economically.  But then again it’s easy to topple a country that is rotten at the core.

    I often comment to people on one side or the other that if the party that they feel affinity for does something, they seem to be less outraged then when the other party does it.   For example I still see people with all these Obama stickers on their cars and anti-war stickers.

    I took flack for being too anti-Obama before the circus we call an election, and as I have said before I take no pleasure in being right about bad things coming down the line.  In fact it was my youthful folly in thinking that the “system” was honest that made me into a de facto enemy of the state (while I am not a “criminal” I do have to supply the IRS at least quarterly with where the money goes so they can decide if I can live on whatever they leave me).

    Of course, we might all become enemies of the state with recent trends, recently some “men were found guilty of providing a conduit for others to break the law, rather than breaching copyright themselves“, or basically for providing a google like interface to files that they did not themselves have.  This ties right in with the new pushes for “hate crimes” laws in the United States, or rather “anti free speech” since a hate crime appears to be a crime that makes a “protected class” feel bad.

    And the anonymity on the internet is being whittled away with the “war on terror” that appears to now include anyone who believes in the constitution, especially veterans.  Because of this dangerObama is being given a “kill switch” for the internet (if he doesn’t already have one), of course this being sold to combat terrorism and protect the children.   In fact the FBI has already started down shutting entire ISP’s leaving both the suspects and the innocent without access. Obama is already taking control of the banks, refusing to let banks give the TARP money back so he can continue to control them.  Of course, the banks aren’t helping matters with increasing their pay so that they don’t lose bonuses.  Once you let the government in, they are like any parasite, hard to get rid of, and the banks did ask for the money.  And anyway it’s great to be able to fire people at will without taking responsibility for fixing anything.

    All these events make it only more prudent to buy gold, but many people still believe in Obama’s hope.  Of course that doesn’t stop people being detained for having “Campaign for Liberty” material on them.  But so many people are living in the fantasy world of television (and who can really blame them when the television picture is so much more vibrant and interesting than their own lives SEEM to be).  And of course we are constantly being told that we should only think happy thoughts or bad things will happen to you (similar to the Scientology brainwashing that you “pull in” things like being raped, or rather the old “she was asking for it” excuse).

    Recently I had a conversation with a person who was very concerned about the plans for mandatory service for some people.  All I could say is that I wish that I was wrong all these years, because where the United States seems to be headed is not in a positive direction.

    In fact, some argue that the government considers us all terrorists now (no really read this).

    Of course, the Obama government is all about rewarding the banks while punishing the working class.  Obama insider George Soros is “having a great crisis” calling it “the culmination of his life’s work” (I wish I was making this up).  Meanwhile after giving even more money to AIG, Obama is taking a tough stance with the Auto companies.

    Rolling Stone magazine (apparently the only major media outlet that can research complete financial issues) recently published a story about AIG.  The story goes like this, AIG wanted to sell financial instruments, so they had a London subsidary create these products call Credit Default Swaps (CDS), which is the insurance on Collatoralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) which were packages of mortgages.  Now AIG didn’t want to be regulated as an insurance company or by the EU authorities, so it bought a savings and loan, and got itself classified as a “thrift” so it could be regulated by the Office of Thrift Supervision (a joke of a name, since it didn’t supervise AIG).

    The nice thing about CDS’s is that AIG did not have to actually have the money to insure these things, so AIG insured over $500 BILLION of CDO’s.  That means that all the money that AIG is losing (and it will probably lose at LEAST $300 BILLION more) goes into the pockets of Obama’s banker friends, the same friends who are AT THE SAME TIME, cashing in from the government purchases of other crap (because the NEED more money).

    I had people tell me I was too hard on Obama during the election, and I don’t really blame him, he has been an advocate of socialism for years, it’s the 50+ million Americans that voted for him that are really the problem, because as long as he has his fanatical supporters, it’s hard to see this thing turning around.

    But George Soros is smiling all the way to the bank.

    Lew Rockwell has informed his readers of the fact that Reuters has published an article that states that Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution: A Manifesto” was the most positively reviewed book in 2008 at Amazon.  Based on my limited research it was a close race between Ron Paul and Stephenie Meyer.  Stephenie seems to be doing quite well (think Harry Potter well) with her Twilight Saga.  Of course it helps to have a movie (err Twilight) that is based on your book come out.

    This is a postive sign, that people want real meaningful solutions, and not empty slogans and then more of the same.

    I haven’t written much lately, mostly due to the fact that I have been shocked and appalled by the rapid deterioration of what the press was calling a fundamentally sound economy last year (of course Ron Paul thought differently).

    Of course I had hoped that the American people where going to see through the smoke and mirrors and act for real change, but instead they picked form over substance.  Of course there is the argument that the America people are uable to really think, and that might be part of the problem.

    After all we have people rushing out to comply with the government mandated change over to high definition television, to ensure that the people are even more enraptured by their televisions than they were before.  Of course, I might be projecting a little here, because I have a hard time carrying on conversations while a television is running in the room, but then again, I don’t sit in front of a television all that often (but still too much in my mind). 

    But I digress.  While the economic conditions are challenging, they are not unforeseen, just that the people who predicted this situation were ridiculed for saying that the system was unsustainable.  Rather than listen to reason, people were all too willing to listen to people such as Madoff, who is a symptom of the problem, not the real cause.

    It’s not that it doesn’t matter how we got to where we are, but how are we going to move forward.  The people that bet on the false change that Obama promised would be wise to heed the refrain from

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

    Of course you there is nothing to say that the won’t follow their leader in swearing allegiance to Obama, but maybe they have integrity.  In any case, it appears that the United States is going to be in for some “interesting times” as the Chinese curse goes.  There are rumors about the dangers that major efforts are underway to rewrite the constitution, personally I think that a constitutional convention is legally required, but won’t happen, because there is no need for the people in power to go through the hassle.

    What I am saying is that the constitutional as it is written is only as valid as any judge feels like it is at any moment in time, which makes it basically worthless.  Once we can look at that FACT and realize that we need to face the reality of today, rather than live in a fantasy world as we wish it was, and we are pushed self delusion from Oprah with the deceptive “The Secret” as a “positive” way to live.  Living as if everything is going great didn’t do wonders for the allegedly pious and godly people that trusted Madoff, but then again they used to be rich and now they aren’t.  It must be something that they “pulled in”.

    If you want to see how “new age” thinking can warp reality, look at how Scientology has applied many of the new age thinking processes.  The reason why Scientology was so successful was because it is essentially the same as any of the whole you create your own reality nonsense, and it claimed to have a easy to follow road map that at least wasn’t written in entire gibberish (unlike John Dee’s Angelic language, as if Angels would need to have a special language to talk in).

    In short, what we should take from all of these revealations, is that we should wake up, and look at the world as it is, not as we might like it to be, and not as we might fear it to be either.  For all the bad, there is still much beauty, and taking time to connect with that is as important as realizing that we only have control over what we really have, not some empty promises, or even pieces of paper with pictures of people on them and some numbers.  Take stock of where you are, and you can plan better for tomorrow, but you can’t do that if you are expecting something to come along and magically save you (obviously some people are going to get magical money but let’s be realistic).

    So for 2009, let’s try and live in the real world, and deal with the real issues, as our eyes are opened to the corruption that has taken over the world, let us also open our eyes to the beauty that life still has.

    Groklaw has an article about a case where a woman has been criminally charged for violating the MySpace Terms of Service agreement.   In the past violating a contract would have been a civil matter, but this is more of the trend towards corporatism, where corporations actually make the laws, have people sentenced to corporate prisons, and the rest of the people just are happy that it’s not them.

    You can see some of the results from this trend to let corporations run wild, with the recent rash of letters that were sent out threatening people with legal action if they didn’t pay obscene amounts of money for allegedly downloading porn.  This is the logical result of courts essentially turning a blind eye to the litigation machine that the RIAA has unleashed.

    There is a problem with letting every web site write essentially criminal laws, at least in my opinion, and it’s frightening that the Department of Justice and the judges in the U.S. Courts don’t see the problem.  But then again I have gotten used to the idea that there are many people who, as WND reports believe:

    “The Constitution means what we today decide it means”

    It’s too bad that many people don’t realize the danger of that belief until too late.  That we need to stand behind the constitution as a whole, if we want the protection of the pieces.

    But then again Americans aren’t considered too bright these days.

    World Net Daily has an article that reports at the arm twisting that went on to pass the sell out bill.  Members of Congress were told that Martial Law would be declared if they failed to pass the bill.  In fact a combat brigade was assigned, according to the Army Times, the same mission they had in Iraq, only this time in the United States, starting October 1st.  The bailout has worked so badly that even the bond market is now said to be in danger.

    This comes just after recent revealations that police have been classifying peace activists as terrorists, including nuns, priests, and other people, because that way they no longer have to get warrants.   There are even reports of policing arriving to stop people from committing suicide or hurting themselves, and the police just killing the person.

    The fact is that Bloomberg had reported that a bailout might require as much as 5 TRILLION dollars, not the 700 Billion, if the government started down that road, backon Sep 22, 2008.  Of course it seems to me that is whole thing is on purpose, because we keep ignoring the people who warned about this (e.g. Ron Paul) and instead insist on giving even more power to the people that are robbing us.

    According to the editor of International Currency Review (published since 1969), the true scoop of this financial meltdown is well known to the insiders, and the media is just feeding us a pack of convenient lies to keep us all dumb and happy.

    In light of the calls to “blacklist” Jon Voight because of his support of John McCain, I think that a look at how Hollywood enforces it’s own warped sense of moral decency.  Many remember how Mel Gibson was vilified for producing “The Passion” movie, and how his drunken ramblings were elevated to national news.  It’s interesting to see how the Hollywood elite promote the “Swingtown” lifestyle, while finding every reason to ridicule and humilate those who note that maybe there is something to having a more stable life plan than swapping partners and having a life of hedonistic pursuits.

    This is not saying that I support John McCain, as I have told other people, the only reason why John McCain looks good to conservatives is because Obama seems worse than McCain.  According to one website, Obama’s biography has things that McCain seems to have never gone near like:

    To avoid being mistaken for a [racial] sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.

    The only time that McCain hung out with Marxists is when he was a POW in Vietnam.  And yet Obama is elevated to the status of some sort of Messiah by Hollywood, with calls to blacklist actors who oppose the politics of Obama.

    Unfortunately you can expect no news about this effort to silence critics of Obama, even having sites run by former CIA assets that have produced forged birth certificates for Obama accusing conservatives of giving money illegally to Obama.

    There is a march towards socialism in America, and Hollywood is leading the way.  However it seems that they just want socialism for the rest of us.  But then again, maybe my problem is that I haven’t become an addict of “Hopium”.

    Recently Mexican Troops entered the United States and held a border agent at gunpoint.  It’s well known that Mexican troops (or people who look like and have equipment like Mexican troops) work with the drug cartels, in one recent case firing over 100 rounds in Phoenix.

    Unfortunately the federal government answer to this actual terrorism of U.S. citizens, and even it’s own agents, is to shrug it all off and instead devote resources to pushing a shock bracelet for passengers on planes.

    Maybe the title on this is wrong, because it’s not borderline insanity, it’s completely insane.

    We see more concern for convicted murderers who are here illegally than we do for people who are here legally.

    Routinely people who are here illegally are let go, even when they are comitting crimes like:

    Contrast how these people are treated with Lynn Moses who the federal government just sent to jail for doing flood work that the Supreme Court seems to have said that the federal government had no jurisdiction over, but that Lynn  had tried to work with the federal government on.  But I guess it’s okay, because by the time his case gets through the appellate court, it will be moot because his sentence will be (almost?) up.

    Makes you proud to be an American doesn’t it?

    I guess it could be worse, in Great Britan, police have recently uncovered a weapons cache that consisted of some wire cutters and the “War on Terror” boardgame.

    In the middle of collapsing economic conditions, where the state of California is finally having to pay for supporting all the “undocumented workers” by cutting wages, it seems that Los Angeles has decided to stop so called fast food restaurants from opening.

    It doesn’t make sense to me, when the economy is doing badly you would think that government would want to help businesses, not find ways to make their lifes (and that of their employees) harder.

    From reading a tongue in cheek article at World Net Daily, I get the point that it’s hard to decide what really is a “fast food” restaurant.  The alleged definition is:

    a fast-food restaurant should be defined as “any establishment which dispenses food for consumption on or off the premises, and which has the following characteristics: a limited menu, items prepared in advance or prepared or heated quickly, no table orders and food served in disposable wrapping or containers.”

    Now, this would seem to include delis, Starbucks, and any other establishment that sells you a sandwich.  Which is the point.  It can also include many restaurants.  For instance you don’t think that the soup that you order is made just for you?

    So I guess the differentiating factor must be the “table orders” part.  Personally I go to a “fast food” place regularly and have them specially prepare my food.  If people want to eat healthy whether the food is prepared quickly or slowly isn’t goint to make a difference.

    But making it hard for business will have a difference on the rest of us.  Recently in the state of Illinois, there was a law passed that banned smoking from restaurants and bars.  Since then I have seen that restaurants have gone out of business and have a declined number of customers.

    Unfortunately Americans seem to want a facist/socialist government and seem to be all too quickly heading towards that goal.

    Since the politicians are always crying that we need this law or that law to protect the children, maybe they should wear tinfoil clothes with cords running down to the ground.   Since firearms should be outlawed because some people misuse use them (though many people use them properly), if children are dying because they are outside without proper lightning protection, then the government should mandate something to remedy that, just like with seat belts.

    According to an article, just last week 5 youths were killed by lightning.  Obviously something needs to be done to protect the children against this raging menace.  I think the government will probably mandate that children watch more television to prevent any further risks.  After all it’s for the children.

    Recently there was a controversy about the Iran missile photos.  It seems that the Iranians had a misfire of a missile and so published altered pictures about the event.  The Christain Science Monitor had a nice article about it.

    The truth is that many photos that we see are altered in a variety of different ways, in fact, according to this site, the picture of Lincoln that many of us have seen is a fake.

    Of course there is much news that is twisted, for instance World Net Daily has an article that says:

    The New York Times, in an editorial condemning the Supreme Court case, says: “Thirty-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year – on the job, walking to school, at the shopping mall. The Supreme Court on Thursday all but ensured that even more Americans will die senselessly.”


    The 30,000 number includes 17,000 suicides. But a person intent on suicide finds a way – gun or no gun. In Japan, for example, more than twice as many people per capita kill themselves, yet that country bans handguns.

    That’s right, most of the people who die from firearms, die from committing suicide.  Of course people like Daley will cry about the rest of us having the protection of firearms like they do, and the media will report it because the people who make up report the news live in nice houses in nice neighborhoods.

    This could be one reason why so little coverage has been devoted to McCain’s economic adviser blaming us for not spending enough.  It’s probably a sentiment shared by many of the people who make their living selling the rest of us fiction.

    According to The Register:

    According to the indictment, Drew and others allegedly conspired to violate MySpace’s terms of service and intentionally inflict emotional distress on Megan, identified only as MTM in the court documents. The indictment alleges that Drew obtained a MySpace account under a fictitious name, used the account to garner information from a juvenile, and used that information to torment, humiliate and harass that member — all violations of the social-networking site’s terms of service.

    That’s right, violation of the “Terms of Service” can be prosecuted as felonies if someone gets upset about what you write.  Of course this is just the thin edge.  It’s bad enough that people write 32 page documents about what you can or can’t do if you go to a site or run some software, now according to the fascist logic of the current United States Government, if someone is “injured” (and injury can be merely psychological) by your violation of the Terms of Service, you have commited a felony.

    And don’t think that anonymity is easy to find.  According to this web site (hosted by Stony Brook University), TOR (The Onion Router) an anonymizing proxy service can be compromised with fairly minimal resources:

    Our technique does not require compromise of any Tor nodes or collaboration of the end-server (for some scenarios). We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in tracking the IP address of Tor users in a series of experiments. Even for an under-provisioned adversary with only two network vantage points, we can accurately identify the end user (IP address) in many cases. Furthermore, we show that a well-provisioned adversary, using a topological map of the network, can trace-back the path of an anonymous user in under 20 minutes. Finally, we can trace an anonymous Location Hidden Service in approximately 120 minutes.

    Of course, if you don’t spend too long on a site, it doesn’t matter.  I still recommend using a proxy server of some sort, but you have to evaluate which one works best for you.  I don’t trust most of the major ones. It’s not that I am doing anything illegal, it’s just that these days you have to prove you are innocent, not the other way around.

    I have to wonder though, why we allow the government to contort the law, while ignoring issues such as the fact that the United States has dropped from 11th in the world in life expectency to 42nd?  I realize that Americans don’t want a medical doctor for president preferring lawyers and other dilettantes, but at some point you would hope that people will wake up from their slumber before we all are criminals or dead.

    World Net Daily has an article about a ground breaking documentary about North Korea (view here).  As they run through the video, I have to wonder if this is the future that Al Gore and his minions have planned for the rest of us.  Electricity is scarce, people sing the praises of their fearless leaders and denounce the evil waste of America.

    In short, the same sort of demagoguery that Americans have come to love and expect from their leaders, has lead North Korea, to be in the words of Shane Smith, "the Land that Time Forgot".

    Yale had an article about "The Indian Century" back in 2004,  that started with:

    "The balance of influence in this region is shifting rapidly to China – not yet the balance of power, but the balance of influence."

    It seems that now even the balance of power is shifting to China, though the newspapers would rather just point out the "Indian Century" theme, than point out that many of the factories, and wealth of the west are moving not just to India, but to China as well (well moving is the wrong word, as the factories have already moved).

    While people are crying about the gender bias in science (i.e. not enough women go through and get degrees in science), other countries are just focused on getting the best results for now.  As Al Gore starts spending 300 MILLION dollars to promote his luddite view that the rest of us (but not him) should live in the dark and eat soylent green we are going to be barraged with how the earth is in the balance.

    Heck if I was China, I would give Al 300 Million to tell the stupid Americans to live in huts and not use anything, because it’s all colleterial for the debt that the United States owes the Chinese government.   You surely don’t think that China just wanted useless paper for all the goods it has been shipping to the United States do you?

    Why do you think that we are paying a foriegn company over 400 million dollars to build a private toll road in Texas (with land seized from the farmers)?  It’s because the United States is massively in debt.  From the End of Money (quoting the Comptroller of the Currency) in 2006:

    Despite improvement in both the fiscal year 2006 reported net operating cost and the cash-based budget deficit, the U.S. government’s total reported liabilities, net social insurance commitments, and other fiscal exposures continue to grow and now total approximately $50 trillion, representing approximately four times the Nation’s total output (GDP) in fiscal year 2006, up from about $20 trillion, or two times GDP in fiscal year 2000.

    And this was before the Federal Reserve started handing out billions like a clown handing out ballons at a party.  Since then the creation of debt (which we wrongly thing is "money") by the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank as the United States Government has repeatedly said) has continued in an EXPONENTIAL fashion (the green line in the graph is similar to the growth of the "monetary" [really debt] supply by the Federal Reserve).

    Exponential Curve

    What’s worse, is that as debt levels by the United States is increasing exponentially, the amount of reimbursements being demanded is increasing.

    On a closing note, I will note that while Shane Smith’s people were "threatened" with arrest for taking pictures in North Korea, in America you can be arrested without warning for taking pictures of police while they are  (allegedly) working for the people.

    Soon it may be that Kim Jong-II might have the last laugh.

    And that isn’t funny at all.

    It’s a crazy world.  The banks were crying just a few years ago that there was too much regulation.  They even got the bankruptcy laws rewritten to screw consumers.  Now they are crying that (according to the New York Times):

    At the same time, normally wary corporate leaders like James Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, are beginning to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, new regulations are necessary.

    “We have a terribly global world and, over all, financial regulation has not kept up with that,” Mr. Dimon said in an interview on Monday, the day after his bank agreed to take over Bear Stearns at a fire-sale price. “I can’t even describe the seriousness of that. I always talk about how bad things can happen that you can’t expect. I didn’t fathom this event.”

    These people are only “talking” about regulation, because they deceived and manipulated people and want the American people to pay for their misdeeds.  And pay for it we are.  America has become the place to buy real estate.  People from other countries ride buses around looking at houses to buy.  According to MSNBC:

     “I thought it would be nice to have a look at some American houses all at once, see how the market works,” said Geoff Lamont, a London tanker truck driver who was on vacation and dreams of moving to Florida with his wife.

    “You see some nice, nice properties that are much cheaper than you can get in the U.K. It’s been good. You can get a feel for how a place is,” said Lamont, 50.

    That’s right truck drivers from other countries can afford to buy property here.  But what about our own truck drivers?  Well according to this report, they are going broke, and why?  According to one trucker:

    “Our federal government is subsidizing railroads, airlines, banks and farmers,” he said. “Meanwhile, we’re being taxed to death.”

    It’s sad that while we are going broke, we are told the answer is to give up any means of self support or protection.  Even as the United States Supreme Court debates whether you have the right to the best self defense system you can have, there are reports like this one:

         We are in the middle of shift change. Maybe you should call 911 again.

    ~ Detroit Police 911 Operator’s response to a citizen in distress

    Just makes you feel warm all over when you pay your tax bill this year.   The government can spare resources to check papers of people using domestic ferries and monitor what’s in moving cars, but are too busy to help you when your life is threatened.

    But back to the original topic, it’s nice that the government wants to help people out.  But I don’t understand why they are focused on what they can do for the rich people.  Oh, yes I can we live in a plutocracy.

    The real sad thing is that most people seem to like it this way.