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I’ve been reading articles about the coming winter being exceptionally severe.  The most recent article I read was from Accuweather which said that this winter is expected to be “the worst in Chicago”.

Of course it will be colder elsewhere, but this winter people in Chicago have better be prepared for a winter, that by all predictions (except those of the politically correct global warming crowd which have gotten untold billions to justify whatever confiscation scheme that is being proposed for what ever reason), will make people want to move from Chicago as soon as possible.

If the global warming model (which was based on even more flimsy evidence than the now debunked theory that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light) was true, it’s not working anymore, but instead of sanity, we can sadly expect the force of inertia to carry forward even more insane policies that do little to benefit the people that the government supposedly serves.

While it seems that it’s inconclusive whether there really is global warming or not, it seems that an analysis of the ice core data shows that 2010 might rank as the 9,099th warmest year in the last 10,500 years.  If you didn’t think the whole global warming thing wasn’t a scam (for instance selling people new boilers that don’t work in cold weather and only last 5 years instead of 20),  then maybe you should do something unusual, and start thinking for yourself.

I have a friend from Finland who firmly believes that weather is getting warmer in Finland, I don’t have enough data to dispute that since I can’t read Finnish, but Norway right next door so to speak, has already (and it’s not even winter yet!) measured the coldest temperature of the last 140 years on the American holiday of Thanksgiving (article in Norwegian, but can be translated via Google Translate).  Now I have to ask, maybe the media frenzy about a coming ice age in the 1970s had just as much as the predictions about the coming global warming disasters.

I think the real problem might be general pollution, unfortunately we are more worried about Carbon Dioxide, which helps trees grow, than real pollution.  Which only shows the gullibility of the general population.  Let’s deal with real problems, rather than try to eliminate Carbon Dioxide, which will only happen when all life as we know it is gone.

dI just saw a polar bear ad from Nissan on a web site, I’d give the link, but the ad was forced on me, so I don’t have one.  The strange thing is that the movers and shakers of the world are now talking about the next global climate crisis, Global Cooling. rather than the old Global Warming (which still has powerful backers).  Some people are wishing for global warming because quite frankly the threat of global cooling is much worse than global warming ever was. 

The Global Warming Scam has allowed companies to pocket billions, and government to push new taxes and regulations upon us, but has left the world ill prepared to deal with real problems.

Which will allow for a call for more taxes, more regulation and more sacrafice from the peons and fools that blindly supported the Global Warming Scam.

Recently I was talking to someone, and a person who wasn’t even in the room emailed me later to tell me how wrong I was about one of the reasons for their electricity bill being increased was the decision of Exelon to shutdown the Zion Nuclear Power Plant.   The person who likes to follow me around and find things that I didn’t state with enough accuracy (would be nice if he held the President of the United States to the same standards he expects from me, but I guess I am just that much more important to him) emailed me a wikipedia selection that said:

The Zion Nuclear Power Station was retired on February 13, 1998.[1] The plant had not been in operation since February, 1997, after a control-room operator accidentally shut down Reactor 1 and then tried to restart it without following procedures.[3]Reactor 2 was already shut down for refueling at the time of the incident. ComEd concluded that the plant could not produce competitively priced power because it would have cost $435 million to order steam generators which would not pay for themselves before the plant’s operating license expired in 2013.

Here’s the part he left out from that selection:

 This analysis was predicated on no license extension which at the time was the norm, however since then multiple plants have replaced steam generators and extended the license by 20 years.

Now, I know that Exelon had no desire to keep the Nuclear plants around (how? because I talked to the people at Exelon in person years ago about this issue), for political reasons, so they had ZERO incentive to apply for a license extension in any case, so they were not going to pursue something when they didn’t have to, and frankly I don’t blame them.

People might not see the link between the decision to keep Zion offline for the last 12 years, and the higher cost of electricity, but there is a correlation.  According to the Madison Record:

a current or former Exelon insider has apparently confirmed that the main reason Zion has been kept closed is because withholding the supply intentionally keeps prices higher for Exelon’s other supply.

There are other good sources of information about the shuttering of a viable power supply for the state of Illinois (see this, this and this) but the reality is that many people think of Nuclear Power as evil, and think that wind and solar power are better for the environment.  The true costs of wind farms has been discussed elsewhere, and seems to be a confusing subject, but it would take 600 square miles of wind farms to produce the same power that Zion used to produce.   The fact is that the U.S. cannot reduce carbon emissions, supply the same amount of power and shutter Nuclear Plants.  Something has to give, and it will be the American people who suffer, and companies like Exelon can profit because of this.

Once again, this isn’t the fault of Exelon, rather it’s the people who believe that the masses should live at the techonological level of the 1900’s that are the problem, and they will spin the facts whichever way to bring back the times of the serfs.

The said thing is the masses who believe that they will be spared from serfdom because they supported the agenda of stupidity.

The other day I was talking to someone, and I said that the media had edited the clip from Rand Paul to make it seem that he supported businesses that don’t want to serve black people.  I had made a slight mistake in the whole thing (the video was not edited, the transcript just added one word that wasn’t there, obviously adding a yes when someone means no is perfectly valid), and someone (who fanatically supports Obama) who overheard the conversation chased me down to demand that I “prove” my position, because MSNBC and the New York Times had reported differently.  Also he falsly attributed to me statements that I didn’t make, because I am not in favor of people who falsify information, but that doesn’t stop people who believe the ends justify the means from attributing to others what they themselves might be doing.

Real Clear Politics had written an article about this (link), and heres is the video that it was based on

And the transcript:

MADDOW:  Do you think that a private business has the right to say we

don‘t serve black people?

PAUL:  Yes.  I‘m not in favor of any discrimination of any form.  I

would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race.  We still do

have private clubs in America that can discriminate based on race. 

The New York times also reported

Asked by Ms. Maddow if a private business had the right to refuse to serve black people, Mr. Paul replied, “Yes.”

Afterwards the Shirley Sherrod (Huffington post version) incident was brought up, not by me, but by the well informed individual who said that I compared the Rand Paul incident to the video editing that led to the firing of “women” at the USDA, because I am only aware of one video, and only the one woman got fired.

The problem wasn’t that the video was edited and posted on a web site that everyone knows likes to mislead (okay so what’s the difference between that and MSNBC, Fox, The New York Times, et al.), but rather that the NAACP and the USDA forced this woman out without letting her tell her side of the story.  The people at fault here is not some guy who got a video from someone else, but rather the people who rather than hearing both sides, just viciously attack a woman, who while I might have numerous disagreements with her on other issues, was wronged by the government, and the Obama Administration specifically.

One set of statements was taken out of context and then forwarded on to a marginal website which posted the edited video that they had gotten, the other was reported as fact in major media, and originated as fact from major media.  Not that I had even brought up the other video at all, it was interjected that to deflect from the obvious manipulation that MSNBC/New York Times engaged in.

Of course, the New York Times and MSNBC can make up whatever stories they want, and you are welcome to defend them.  I am not arguing that either issues are correct, in fact the one has nothing to do with the other as far as I can see, but you are welcome to see conspiracies everywhere.

But the real news item should be how the United States government can justify condeming people without trial, and sad to say, Shirley Sherrod is just the tip of the iceberg, of course though Obama is the “Peace Prize President”, so what has this Prince of Peace wrought?

Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable for the President of the United States can announce that he is going to kill Americans without a trial, whereever they might be in the world just because he says so.  Hurray, I am so glad we don’t have a king who can just make rulings and they are law.  That’s so old fashioned, now we are just too stupid to realize that it’s all a sham, so they just rotate out one idiot for another puppet and the masses think they are getting change and hope.

Also it seems that that place in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, is vital to keep as a prison as well, so much for the close Gitmo rhetoric of the current chief puppet of the United States, then again, we must all follow the wild dictates.

Attorneys are thrown in jail for over 500 days for actually upholding the constitution (no really read for yourself and make up your own mind).

It seems that “Global Warming” has a new name now by Chief Scientific Advisor of the Obama Administration.  For those of you who have been asleep, Global Warming was replaced by Global Climate Change and as of this week “Global Climate Disruption” is the new terminology, anyone who still believes in Global Warming is an idiot, because as Al Gore said about Global Warming, “the science is settled”, too bad it was the exact opposite of what we were told, but while BP was pushing Global <term of the week>, someone did something that may have been much worse.

BP had a catostrophic failure of an Oil Platform, if you haven’t heard of it, you are a complete moron, because it’s been in the news for a long time, and not just because Obama seemed to be on vacation most of the time while the crisis was unfolding, and the Gulf of Mexico was basically rendered a toxic dump.

But I see that the biggest new item is none of these things, rather it’s whether some woman running for Senator in a tiny state the Bidens used to control (in my opinion, I have no direct evidence to prove this at this time), doesn’t like wiccans, or witchcraft or stinky feet.  In my opinion whatever they are trying to sell people on is not what is important, they’d be talking about how Obama’s dog has fleas if there was an asteroid the size of the moon heading towards, earth and most people wouldn’t even notice the asteroid until too late, decrying anyone who thinks that a dog with fleas is not a real story, and that you are just a conspiracy nut.

It seems that there was a pipeline spill in Michigan of about one million gallons.  The EPA is reporting that Lake Michigan is not going to be affected by this spill, because the spill has been “contained”, so I guess it’s really a non issue now. 

The spill seems to have been on river for the most part and it should at least get people asking questions about how we can do things safer.  That would make more sense than spending effort trying to prove that the Earth is warming by 1 degree per century and how that is going to destroy the world.

I recently got a rebuttal from the yelling, swearing green fanatic who allegedly read the study by an University in Spain that I cited.  He sent me a link to a paper produced by a for profit company (no persons names are on the paper) working for the U.S. Green Building Council, which he claims is unbiased and somehow rebuts the Spanish paper.

However the paper doesn’t mention Spain, has no footnotes, no bibliography, and I fail to see how something that is specifically written by a for profit company to promote something rebuts a University paper.  But then again, I am not an expert.

He also sent me a UN Study (pdf) that claims there might be no net job loss, but then just goes into the jobs that were created, not the net job picture.

Of course, some people think I want to kill the planet because I point out lies and stupidity.  I am in favor of clean, safer, affordable power, and I think there are positive alternatives to oil and coal.  I just think that running in a direction that shoves money into few people’s pockets because they claim to be “green” because they use wind, solar, water or geothermal is stupid, and to the extent it actually harms other people criminal.

But then again, I don’t yell and swear at people to make my point.  Of course I try to actually address the point with facts that directly pertain to what I am talking about as well. Apparently using facts makes me evil.

He also used another presentation (not a study) by David Kucera of the International Labor Organization, to argue that the United States is in a “Green Recovery”, and 2 million NET new jobs would be created by green energy investment. I for one, don’t think we are in a recovery, but then again, I don’t have a PhD in Economics, so what do I know.  However, like all these other people I too wrote a paper.  However mine has footnotes, and bibliography, unfortunately I haven’t cleaned it up, but you can download it (pdf) (it’s old and probably outdated).

Funny thing about all these rebuttals, not a one addressed the point he shouted, swore and called a me a liar about.  But then again, funny thing about fascists, they just seem like to bully people.

Here’s a thought, to rebut a study, examine the data on which it was based, and challenge that, unfortunately the only two that have references that are organized are the one written by me (years ago) and the Spanish University paper.  The others rely on appeals to themselves.

In an astonishing lack of comprehension of reality, the discredited head of the UN Panel on Climate change came with a statement that attacked the people who say that he can’t be trusted by claiming no such people exist.  According to the London Times, he stated (when asked if some people don’t trust him):

“It is not correct to say there are people who don’t trust me,” he said.

This was after he had to retract the statement that people who don’t believe in his (now proven wrong) assesments on the total elimination of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 were practicing “voodoo science”, and other statements that have since been proven fales.

It seems that the one branch of science that he is clinging to is voodoo, because he apparently believes that whatever he says, no matter what the objective reality is, is the truth.

It seems that nature just isn’t playing along with my friends who believe that man made global warming is going to drown us as the waters rise 200 feet.

The Himalayan glaciers seem to be growing along with 11 other major glacier ranges.  And it turns out the IPCC made up claims about how man made global warming was effecting the Amazon rain forest as well.  Now, I am not too happy about the fact that it seems that the earth might actually be cooling, because, I worry about the future of food, especially since we are diverting food to produce biofuels, which a World Bank report says has driven the cost of food up by 75%!   If the planet is cooling that means lower crop yields, and even more than the 1 Billion people that were need of food last year will need food in the coming year.

But some people believe that is really the point of the green movement, that a return to nature means the end of humanity as we know it.  Prince Phillip, a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (a source of many of the claims that the IPCC made) thinks the Ebola virus would be a great thing to be unleashed in the world.

But I am sure he really cares about you.

Recently I read an article in the Guardian that claims that the increased diversion of grains to biofuel in the United States alone could have fed 330 million people last year.  This even as the number of people needing food reached a record 1 BILLION people.  There are many reports that even the claim the biofuels reduce global warming is a fraud, producing up to 420 times as much carbon dioxide as the “evil” fossil fuels that are supposedly so bad.

One site breaks down how much MORE fossil fuels are needed to produce the “good” biofuel (original peer reviewed study):

  • Ethanol production using corn grain required 29% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Ethanol production using switchgrass required 50% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Ethanol production using wood biomass required 57% more fossil energy than the ethanol fuel produced.
  • Biodiesel production using soybean required 27% more fossil energy than the biodiesel fuel produced. (Note, the energy yield from soy oil per hectare is far lower than the ethanol yield from corn; but see where 3.5:1 gain is claimed.)
  • Biodiesel production using sunflower required 118% more fossil energy than the biodiesel fuel produced.”

 In other words, Biofuel INCREASES the cost of food, INCREASES the cost of fossil fuels, and even more damages engines.   But that doesn’t stop stupid people from support this fake “renewable” energy craze.  It sounds good, and Al Gore supports it, so it must be good.  Of course farmers and the oil companies are happy, and so they’ll promote it.  I think even car manufacturers are happy about it destroying engines.

Which is why we will continue to destroy the world while pretending we are being green.

According to, Brown beat Coakley in Massachusetts by 52 to 47 (or 1,161,586 votes to 1,055,409 votes).  However don’t worry, because according to the Democrats, “Massachusetts doesn’t matter“.  In other words, Obama is going to plow forward forcing an increasingly bad bill down peoples’ throats.

And why not, after all no one cares that Google massages search results to down play the climate fraud, and now we applaud censorship of people who aren’t happen about how indentured servants are brought back into America through the H1-B visa program.

So the sad truth is that Scott Brown’s election might change…..


Oh, like most people I hope for change,  but I have to admit that a certain degree of cynicism has crept into my once naive state, after my business was crushed after I decided that the government should have to follow the constitution.

I think that the Scott Brown was a VERY small step in the right direction, hopefully people will see this as as just a beginning of a long fight to restore the constitution.  Scott Brown seems like a decent person, but I don’t think he is anywhere near Rand Paul for instance.

The founder of the weather channel dissects “Climate Change” in an hour long special video.  Do not watch if you worship Al Gore!

Watch here.

In a strange turn, we have a member of the IPCC (you know the UN group of scientists that all allegedly believe the world is going to melt), saying that the current cold snap is the BEGINNING of a 30 year COLD cycle (much as Jerry Pournelle ,et al. predicted in their fictional book Fallen Angels which you can get for free from here).

He is very concerned about this, because the freezing will cover up the GLOBAL WARMING that man is causing!   And we won’t be ready to stop GLOBAL WARMING in 30 years when we come out of the mini ice age.

It used be to Global Warming (before that it was the coming Ice Age the was the worry of the current Obama Science Czar), now that the BBC grudingly admits that the warmest year in the last decade was 1998, or that the drums for global warming were beating as far back as 1938, (and the Artic had a warming period in the 1920s) but then it got cold, and then warm again, it’s almost as if the planet has a natural cycle of warming and cooling!

But that isn’t what prompted me to write this article, rather it’s the not surprising news that Al Gore doesn’t want a solution to global warming that DOESN’T include a taxation scheme.  At least that’s how, read a Newsweek article that was falling all over itself trying to make Gore into a sort of demi god.

The sad fact is that there are those people who want nothing more than to CONTROL other people, and fear of the inability of man to control the elements has long been a tool to control people, throughout time the reason that earthquakes and floods have happened has been blamed on the sins of the people, now it’s just wrapped in a thin veneer of  shaky science.

NASA claims that 2008 was the coolest year since 2000, agreeing with the report of David Archibald (pdf), but NASA must be measuring the temperature wrong according to TWO (yes TWO) scientists who are soon going to be rich, rich, rich,  and who say that the Artic Ocean will be ice free in 30 years.  Strangely this seems to be the opposite of what the data from NASA shows, which is a record rate of increase.  Oh, well let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story and model that will make you rich.

In a way I don’t blame the scientists, it would suck to go to school for all those years and not be able to get a job because you base your reports in reality instead of the politically correct fantasy world.

The other day after it snowed, a colleague accused me once again of not understanding Global Climate change, telling me that 99.999% of scientists say that the ocean is going rise “like 200 feet” in the next century.

This is an example of how some people are perfectly willing to make up numbers to suit themselves.  For instance the UN’Ss IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2007 report only claimed that sea levels COULD rise 18 to 59 cm (7 to 23 inches) in the next century.

That said, the former chairman of the International Commision on Sea Level Changes claims that the sea level is not rising and hasn’t risen for 50 years.

What about this U.S. government web page (pdf) that states over 700 scientists dissent over the global warming claims.  It includes information like:

Climatologist and Paloeclimate researcher Dr. Diane Douglas, who has authored or edited over 200 technical reports, also declared natural factors are dominating climate, not CO2. “The recent ‘panic’ to control GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and billions of dollars being dedicated for the task has me deeply concerned that US, and other countries are spending precious global funds to stop global warming, when it is primarily being driven by natural forcing mechanisms,” Douglas, who is releasing a major new paper she authored that will be presented at a UNESCO conference in Ghent, Belgium on March 20, 2009, told the minority staff on the Environment and Public Works Committee on March 10, 2009.  

That said, unlike many people who believe in Global Warming because they see it on television, I have a degree in Engineering, and I know that science is not as precise as they teach in grammar school.  I can tell you that modeling something as “simple” as a closed system burning a substance is complex, much less modeling a planetary system.

But the lack of scientific training doesn’t seem to stand in the way of people making completely unfounded claims to people with an air of authority.

The sad thing is that we will all pay for “global warming” if Obama has his way, as he has been pushing this nonsense for years.

Recently Al Gore was comparing Global Warming to the Civil Rights movement and telling people that it’s more important than ever to fight for the Global Tax on productivity to stop Global Warming.

This comes as articles like “2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved” are appearing in major media outlets (which reported that this winter’s Alpine snowfalls “look set to beat all records by New Year’s Day”).  There is talk in Congress of limiting the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is in the enviroment, in spite of the fact that Carbon Dioxide is needed to support life on this planet.

I find it amazing that while record snowfalls are hitting Las Vegas, and parts of the southern United States, people are so convinced that the Earth is danger of getting too hot because of man made global warming.  However according to an article by a member of

If you look at the temperature trends for the Arctic region since 1880, it appears that the Arctic generally warmed somewhat until about 1938. From 1938 until about 1966, the Arctic cooled to about its 1918 temperature level. Then, between 1966 and 2003, the Arctic warmed up to just shy of its 1938 temperature. But in 2004, the Arctic temperature again spiked downward.

But don’t let that fool you.  Al Gore is right, and the measurements are wrong.  That’s why we have new taxes, like cows being taxed because they emit greenhouse gases, because we need to stop global warming. Unfortunately the real risk is the same as it was 30 years ago, that the “the planet will experience a glacial age for the next 100,000 years“.  Maybe that’s why Al Gore is a hypocrite, because he knows the truth, but he makes his living with the lies that he tells.

Of course, I still get people telling me I don’t understand “Global Climate Change” (not Global Warming) and I agree, when you look at the science, there really isn’t any proof that man is able to control the sun, but then again, I’m being silly here.

Yet another winter that it seems people just aren’t prepared for. At least that is my impression from the stories of the harsh winter across America. It’s not really the fault of people who expect the “news” to tell them the truth, since it’s rare to see the news not talk about Global Warming. Even the founder of the Weather Channel called it “the greatest scam in history”.

But then Global Warming has now been rebranded as Global Climate change, and I am sure that people will run around in a panic praying to the current defacto gods that they esteem to be saved from the changing climate.

Of course, Global Warming isn’t something new, back in 1938 there were newspaper articles warning about how the earth was warming up and, and the ice caps were going to melt (see actual articles at this site, original source seems to be this site though).  Of course that gave way to fears that we were headed for another ice age, as temperatures dropped.  The same non science is used for the ozone hole which has regularly expanded and contracted for as long as it has been measured, not that a grasp of real science is required by teachers, even to get a degree in science (note, I say this even though I have a degree in science/engineering with additional classified technical training in applied science).

Science classes only rely on simple experiments that “prove” what the class is teaching, and if you differ from the “expected” outcome, then obviously it’s because you did it wrong, and will get a worse grade, than someone who gives the mathematically expected result.   In short school constantly teaches you to “give the right answer when asked”, which is to say the answer that the book says is right.   Critical thinking is allowed only to the degree to manufacture consensus, that is to make fun of people who believe in intelligent design, or don’t believe in global warming or other beliefs that are not accepted by the group think.

Here’s something that science classes all point out at the beginning (well good science classes taught by people who understand science), the “laws” of a scientific discipline are THEORIES that are good working models.  As such there may be exceptions to these theories, or the theories may be incomplete, or they may even be (though this is strongly discouraged) wrong, but they work for the most part so they are useful theories that we then call “laws” of science.

Unfortunately the world is not run by outcome based scientists (in other words empirical scientists), but by political scientists who seem to want the general population in a state of constant fear and shock, scared that the sky is falling, the earth is going to swallow them up, the ice caps are going to melt, or the world is soon to be covered in ice.

All of these problems the would be despots have the same answer, give them all the power, and they will fix the world.  They will fix the protective bubble around the sun that protects the earth from harmful radiation, they will fix the ozone hole, cause rising waters to recede, and so on.

It’s interesting how we look back at people making the pharohs into gods, and think how silly they were, when it seems to me that we do the same thing.

But then again, maybe it’s just a conspiracy theory, because we know politicians don’t engage in conspiracies, except when the approved government sources say so.

A lot of people refuse to believe that cars can run on water.

According to Gizmdo (and Reuters), the company Genepax has a working vehicle.  As this site says:

Meanwhile, the 300W fuel cell system is an active system, which supplies water and air with a pump. In the demonstration, Genepax powered the TV and the lighting equipment with a lead-acid battery charged by using the system. In addition, the 300W system was mounted in the luggage room of a compact electric vehicle “Reva” manufactured by Takeoka Mini Car Products Co Ltd, and the vehicle was actually driven by the system.

It’s sad that once again, American car companies are letting other countries jump ahead of them in technology.  The fact that fuel costs was a weak point in the U.S. economy has been known for over 30 years, but there has been no meaningful effort to resolve this problem in this country.