I looked all over for how other people might do this, and I think most of the answers weren’t very helpful.

In my opinion, if you need to force a user named “someuser” to logout of a stuck X session (no matter what display manager they are using) the fastest and most reliable way seems to be

pkill -KILL -u someuser init





Recently I noticed that a site that uses Magento has not been cleaning up the session files.  I created a cron job to clean up the files

find [path to magento install]/var/session/ -name “sess*” -atime +0 -type f -delete

Which deletes all the files older than 0 days (e.g. > 24 hours).

After I put this change in, I found an article recommending something similar (though they would have the sessions be kept for a week).

For a discussion of the different “time” arguments (mtime, ctime, atime) go here.

A lot of people seem to have the misconception that because Windows 7 and Windows server 2008R2 come from the same code base there isn’t a significant difference.

They are wrong.

While Windows 2008R2 can run many of the programs (including games)  that Windows 7 can, Windows 2008R2 is more stable, and has some additional features, such as a web server, etc.

That said, in  my experience video performance, even using the “same” drivers, takes a big hit with Windows 2008R2 vs. Windows 7, I think this is to be expected, as video drivers seem to be the one of the most “unstable” things under Windows (and Linux has questionable video driver support as well).

I have nothing against Window 7 compared to Windows Server, and I would recommend that most people use that over Windows Server for their own use, but I find it amazing that so many professional computer experts claim that there is no real difference.  I have no idea why someone would go and tell people something that I have found to be totally wrong.

That said, my next “project” will probably be evaluating Windows Server 2012 (I already looked at Windows 8, and it wasn’t anything worth getting).

It’s funny how if ANYONE else wins in Iowa, it matters, but Fox news has come out strong against Ron Paul at every turn.  Chris Wallace came right out and even said:

“The Ron Paul people are not going to like my saying this, but to a certain degree, it will discredit the Iowa caucuses because, rightly or wrongly, I think most of the Republican establishment thinks he’s not going to end up as the nominee. So therefore, Iowa won’t count.”

Whenever anyone else won in Iowa, that mattered, but if Ron Paul wins, it means that Iowa no longer matters according to the puppet masters.  They would rather people vote for Obama or Mickey Mouse than Ron Paul.

I think the reason why is best covered by this video from CNN (sadly more people at CNN seem to care about balancing the budget and integrity than the people at Faux News)

In a rising trend throughout the country, people who live in Illinois are being thrown in jail for owing money to people that they might not even know.  According to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (from Huffington Post):

“We hear time and again from the legal aid lawyers who ultimately find out often about these people when they’re in jail that people didn’t even know there was a lawsuit against them, let alone a judgment had been entered,”

Of course the next step will be to use the new laws that Obama is determined to push through congress (and that all the GOP hopefuls but Ron Paul support) to supposedly “combat online privacy” (where you will be guilty until proven innocent) and to give the government the explicit authorization (though unconstitutional) to declare any U.S. citizen a terrorist (signs of potential domestic terrorists include having food in your house, and talking about the constitution), once the executive branch declares someone a terrorist, that person can be detained indefinitely without a trial.  This was so bad, even the FBI director said it was a bad idea (not Mitt Romney though, he thinks it’s wonderful).



I’ve been reading articles about the coming winter being exceptionally severe.  The most recent article I read was from Accuweather which said that this winter is expected to be “the worst in Chicago”.

Of course it will be colder elsewhere, but this winter people in Chicago have better be prepared for a winter, that by all predictions (except those of the politically correct global warming crowd which have gotten untold billions to justify whatever confiscation scheme that is being proposed for what ever reason), will make people want to move from Chicago as soon as possible.

If the global warming model (which was based on even more flimsy evidence than the now debunked theory that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light) was true, it’s not working anymore, but instead of sanity, we can sadly expect the force of inertia to carry forward even more insane policies that do little to benefit the people that the government supposedly serves.

Alas, it seems that it will not be for much longer that I can pick on Facebook for it’s horrible, horrible, bad no security model.  Rather I noticed that my recent clicking on an app for Facebook link immediately pops up an SSL match invalid link, meaning that FINALLY Facebook is implementing some security.  There is now the option (which Facebook helps by making a one time button choice asking you if you want it attempt to force https for all future connections) to go to https://www.facebook.com/ and use that.

All in all, I think these are important and meaningful changes that will greatly improve everyone’s safety and security on Facebook, and I recommend that everyone go to https://www.facebook.com/ and login securely and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.

If your account password has ever been hacked in the past or maybe the data got captured, now is the time to change your passwords on Facebook.

Sometime around the beginning of August my cable Internet connection though RCN Chicago started having intermittent problems.  Basically it started dropping connections.  Initially RCN tried to say it was the fault of bad equipment downstream of their modem, but they finally sent out a technician who removed an attenuator that was in the cable line.

However this didn’t really fix the problem, which has now gotten so bad that my two year old 3G phone is at least 7 times faster and more stable than the cable Internet, and I don’t even have that great coverage here.  RCN is sending out a technician on Tuesday, but it remains to be seen if they will actually “fix” anything, as they haven’t for a month, and things just are getting worse and worse.

Sadly RCN provides no real tools (like Megapath) to test their speed or connection probably because they don’t want people to find out the problems are with RCN.


Well it seems that now that we are getting the line upgraded things are better already.  Guess we got moved from the “don’t really care about them” to the “hey we are getting more money from them” pile.

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who bothers to a) have a home phone, b) allows unknown numbers to ring through and c) answers them is no longer truly representative of an average cross sample of the population.  I don’t know what group they are most likely to be, but the only person I know who might be close to that would be my mother, who is disabled and rarely leaves the house, watches television news, and wants to warn people of the perils that the mainstream media is talking about (I think she’s given up on telling me the news for some reason though).

Now to be fair, that group might comprise a large segment of people who vote.  But other groups have spent money analyzing this same question, and have come to the conclusion that most polls are, at best, inaccurate.  I am not saying that polling doesn’t help shape debates, and that they don’t provide some benefit, but there is as they say in psychology “selection bias” in the “random” selection that is made.

I can’t believe that anyone who watched the Iraq and Afghanistan “non-wars” unfold thinks for a moment that it will be all flowers and candy in Libya now that the NATO backed “rebels” has allegedly won, even though it seems that NATO is now bombing the capital of it’s ally then.

So the next thing will be boots on the ground, this at the same time we are ratcheting up the rhetoric against Syria, and of course there is the Iranian boogeyman.

The only thing that makes sense is that someone is hoping to provoke a “terrorist” attack on the United States to distract us all from the loss of liberty and have a common enemy to fight.  Forgotten will be the military interventions we are participating in (Libya,Iraq, etc.) where, before the U.S. led movement to spend all the money of Libya rebuilding Libya, Libya had the highest per capita standard of living in Africa (even if Qaddafi is completely insane).  So countries that are doing better we overthrow the government while countries like Zimbabwe we support?

One of my great heroes two time Medal of Honor awardee Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler (USMC) said it best when he said “War is a racket“. The nature of war has not changed, and the underlying reasons are still essentially the same, some REMF is going to get rich will the best and brightest of the youth today are encouraged to go catch some bullets.

Now I might be overstating the situation a little for dramatic effect, but the point is that some rich (and probably mostly white) folks get rich when there are a wars, wars make bad presidents look good, and take people’s minds off of domestic problems.  Look at the situation facing Roosevelt where he was doing everything to draw the United States into war as he was facing 14.6% unemployment in 1940.

The question then is how can there be a widely accepted traceable attack that propels the people of the world to fight against whatever new enemy that there will be.


To my very picky military medal counter readers I am aware of the brevet medal award that Gen. Butler also received, but I remain unconvinced that he would have received a third Medal of Honor no matter what, merely because he was already a little to unbending.

I have to laugh when I see that for some reason, people are hoping for a credible third party to rise up for the presidency.  The fact is that the media has been ignoring the third party candidates since Wilson beat Roosevelt so the Federal Reserve Act could get pushed through.

The only reason the media wants to start covering third parties now is because Ron Paul is bringing a serious discussion about what the roll of government should be in our lives, and the affairs of foreign nations.  The only person running for president AND that could actually become president who is raising these issues is Ron Paul.   The first thing Ron Paul would do is figure out how to bring our troops home safely and quickly.  What does that mean?  I can see that there are security concerns and all of those things, but the right thing is to leave as quickly as possible.  The United States was at it’s best when we let other countries be free of our control, not establishing fake protectorates around the globe that pretend to argue with the United States over petty issues.

In any case, this year we will see if America truly wants to embrace the Patriot Act, Patriot Act II and whatever else they come up to justify endless wars, because there is a real option that we need to think about, and that is Ron Paul.

I am not saying that the world will be at peace with Ron Paul as president, but it will at least have a chance.

Okay finally after admitting that the media is trying kick Ron Paul from the race.  Charlie Cook comes out with his report saying that Ron Paul is too far to the right to appeal to voters.  Let’s look at the “extreme right” positions that Ron Paul takes that are different from all the other Republican candidates

Ron Paul

  • has opposed the Patriot Act from day 1.
  • wants to bring the troops home and stop invading countries
  • wants to get rid of the TSA
  • would work to get rid of most federal criminal penalties for drug possession
These are the issues that somehow are now “extreme right” issues if you follow the media logic.  I guess when a “liberal” is in charge, any position that is in opposition to that one is “extreme right”.  So by that definition John Lennon would be in the “extreme right” if he were alive today.
Scary how they just change the meanings of words.
The media will do anything to ensure that Obama does not have to run against Ron Paul.  The sad truth is that under both Republican and Democrat presidents there has been a commitment to growing the state, and taking away the liberty of the people.  While you might wonder why the media doesn’t report about the decreasing liberty, you have to realize that a local news anchor can make upwards of $700K/yr in some markets.  That means that the pundits and their ilk live in a completely different world from the people who don’t have the luxury of being able to take a trip for fun. So they don’t experience too many inconvinences and it keeps the rif raf in check.
The next thing the media is going to do is accuse Ron Paul of being racist.  I am sure they will find some neo-nazi moron who “supports” Ron Paul.  Frankly any neo-nazi that’s not being ground into dust by the government is working as an agent provocateur because if the government wants you in jail, you are going to be in jail.
But I’ll tell you the real reason why Ron Paul isn’t in the news, because he keeps the conversation on the POLICIES while the media wants to talk about PERSONALITIES.  Policy is boring, scary and polarizing, personalities is something new all the time (did you see what color tie he was wearing?).   As long as America wants to focus on personalities rather than the real issues, then Ron Paul will be marginalized.

Often times I hear people talk about blocking Facebook at work or some other place.  Here’s the thing, the problem that business has with Facebook are the games, not the social networking portion (not that games aren’t a good way to build your social network).  What I have found is that all games that “Facebook” games seem to use domain apps.facebook.com so all you have to do is redirect that one domain name to a different ip address and you should get a “page not found” message.

You can also change the %systemroot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file by adding a line like apps.facebook.com

You could point it somewhere else, but Google responds very fast to page not found errors, so I pick on them a little.  You could check the address of apps.facebook.com by pinging it and blocking that ip address (it will probably continue to be different from the normal facebook ip address).  I think that redirecting the dns for the address is easier and safer.  The nice thing about blocking the dns names is that it doesn’t affect any of the reasons why people might need to use Facebook at work or school, doesn’t require user settings and will probably save companies and families some money until Google starts offering their secure gaming system.

Let me explain.  If you compare Google’s security model to Facebook’s I think it’s like comparing a house with locks to a box on the curb.  And yes it’s really been that bad.   I am not saying that people don’t get their emails hacked on Google, but with Google it’s a lot easier to keep the door locked than with Facebook.  And I say that knowing the Google sells my information, but I expect that they have some clue about security, Facebook does not even support SSL login, and all the “normal” transactions between Facebook and your computer are not encrypted.  This is a choice by Facebook and is a huge problem.

Unless Facebook can fix it’s security problems it will only be a matter of time before some internet disaster happens on Facebook.  Facebook needs to show that it’s concerned about the safety of your information, not just about seeing how much money it can make as fast as it can.   That said, Google also needs to innovate in the area of security (which has so many unsung heros of the IT world).  Google’s open policy might have to make sure that every possible step is taken to prevent the types of hacks that Facebook users seem to constantly experience.

So because of that, I expect that Google will make it harder to just redirect the DNS entry for a domain to block all the games.   Good thing at the moment Google+ is not really worth dealing with, compared to Facebook.

Sadly I don’t think most Americans realize just how close it seems we are to having military action in Iran.

Libya was the test case for going into Iran.   As Ron Paul says, Iran doesn’t have an effective air force, no real navy and lacks refined fuel, but somehow Ron was crazy for saying that we shouldn’t be so worried about Iran, rather lets get America back on track.  For that he was all but laughed at by the whole debate panel and almost called crazy to his face.

Now this is after the world has been turned upside down for U.S. troops with the stupid announcement that Seal Team 6 was taken out by an RPG,  I can only think that some people are sending a very loud and clear message.

Here is what seems to be an authentic sounding account by a Taliban fighter who said he shot one of the two RPG rockets that hit the helicopter.  The fighter telling the story said that while he was thinking, his partner shot the other round into the door, and then the storyteller fired into the nose.

Up until now, it seemed that many people thought the helicopters could not be taken down.   The worst part is that he said there were two attack helicopters that occupied the downed copter, but they did nothing.

Think about that.   Two guys down a helicopter with elite special forces and the protective detachment does nothing, and in fact did not even flag a threat otherwise the helicopter would have been nowhere near the ground.

Do you know just how good the night vision and infra-red sensors are on the standard attack copters?  And these are the top of the line troops going into to assist a trapped elite Ranger unit?  And when they are downed, it’s announced to the entire world with detailed accounts from both sides?

The obvious point of this is to escalate the intensity of the ongoing conflicts so that military spending will not be cut (there may be other points such as to tell anyone to keep their mouths shut about some of the bigger lies we have been told), but the only person who is running for president that is speaking against INCREASING the wars is considered crazy for saying so.

Major media had falsely claimed that Rick Perry (story has been now changed) was the only veteran running for president, ignoring the fact that Ron Paul was a captain in the United States Air Force, and that Ron Paul was endorsed by Ronald Reagan for his stance on national defense at one point, and Ron has been consistent throughout the years.

People in the military are sick of being constantly thrown into the meat grinder and sold out.  Is it any wonder that Sgt. Jaret Hageman facing his 9th combat deployment took his life?  The sad truth is that more soldiers took their lives over the period we’ve been in Afghanistan than have been killed in combat there.

Here’s what I believe is the problem (and no this doesn’t come from anything anyone in the military has told me, but rather my research from public sources, anyhow if there was a problem I am sure the national security monitors can just review all my communications that they want):

Facing manning issues, some commanders try to force people who don’t want to be somewhere to run around with fully automatic heavy weapons.  If that isn’t completely insane I don’t know what is.

No active military officer would ever let those words out their mouths, even if they are thinking it.  Between the upcoming escalation in attacks (and who can blame the local people for standing their ground against guys who are going back to their air conditioning, flat screen tvs and beer?  Why should they just roll over?) and the media beating the drums for war with Iran, it’s all but certain that at some point in the next 16 months there will be a military taken against Iran by the United States or a close ally.

It’s not like the United States is doing such a good job of protecting people.  In Libya apparently some of the U.S. backed elements have liberated the children of orphanages to help spread the revolution.  Along with the bombing of water supplies (because terrorists drink water) some people think the point is bomb Libya back into the stone age and then use the billions sued to make it pay to get it fixed, just like Iraq.  And just like Iraq, the corrupt insiders will make all the profit, the taxpayers and military pay all the costs and take all the risks, and the people of Libya will become as serfs once more, just like Iran in 1953.

Beyond all this, the constant beating of drums of war with Iran, and Ron Paul is crazy for saying in simple terms we cannot afford to fight endless wars.  Even Obama is pushing the notion of attacking Iran, only Ron Paul stands against that, and for that the left, the supposedly anti-war left, has found a common enemy with the militaristic right, so the media, left and right bands together to ridicule and marginalize Ron Paul at every turn.

If that is the new definition of sanity, I will take the insanity of wanting peace.

In the popular story “The Hobbit” there is a part where trolls turn to stone in sunlight.  It seems that the same thing might be happening to a company called Righthaven, that was suing hundreds of blogs and web sites for posting portions of articles that were published in various papers owned by another company called Stephens Media, while pretending that Stephens Media had no interest in the lawsuit.

According to the Electron Frontier Foundation (and I have not seen the actual order myself):

a federal court in Las Vegas ordered the notorious copyright troll Righthaven to pay $5,000 in sanctions and to file the court transcript containing its admonishment in hundreds of other copyright cases.

Wow!  That’s pretty heavy, but apparently the judge further stated:

In the Court’s view, the arrangement between Righthaven and Stephens Media is nothing more nor less than a law firm, which, incidentally, I don’t think is licensed to practice law in this state, but a law firm with a contingent fee agreement masquerading as a company that’s a party.

Doesn’t sound good.  Of course the attorney who is CEO of Righthaven has brushed off this, claiming that the judge has no power to sanction him or his company, and going on The Las Vegas Sun with a video saying how he believes that his attorneys will have him appeal the judge.

I think that Righthaven would do well to back down from a fight with at least one pissed federal judge, but based on their public statements, it seems that they intend to continue.

That said, I think Righthaven has helped clarify some questions about copyright laws that many people may have wondered about (for example why I have no commercial interest in this site).  It’s unfortunate that much of what we say or do online can cause repercussions behind what you might think or realize, and sadly I expect that the legal situation will only become more dire, with congress until recently having spent more time trying to increase criminal penalties for copyright related issues than it did on the budget.

If you wonder why we are killing the people of Libya to free them it’s really quite simple.

It’s about the money and resources of Libya. After encouraging Gahdafi into transferring assets into U.S. banks, the assets of Libya started to just disappear.  Goldman Sachs led the raiding party with making 1 Billion dollars disappear.  As the legal battle between Libya and Goldman was moving forward, the U.S. government led NATO into “defending” the people of Libya by killing the people of Libya.

Now after giving the “rebel” (which in the U.S. would be called terrorists) almost a billion dollars, the U.S. government wants to give them some of  the $30 Billion dollars that the U.S. is still “holding” that is the money of the Libyan government, of course the rebels aren’t going to get all the money, but they will get some which will allow the insiders to raid the funds for their own purposes.

Of course, you could believe the fiction that we are really destroying the country to save it, but it does seem to be a little extreme, I think the simple answer is it’s about money and resources.

It seems that the federal government is calling up doctors to try and find out if they are turning away Medicaid patients.  Apparently the federal government is calling doctors sometimes at least three times to try and arrange appointments for various illnesses and see whether they accept Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial insurances at different rates.

I can tell you that this is definitely true.  Up until now doctors did not have to take Medicare if they didn’t want to, leading them to choose to avoid being treated like Dr. Sells who was sent to jail over Medicare fraud for allegedly not using enough mercury in the teeth fillings that he did as a dentist (this is not to say that his fillings were defective, they were just mercury free when the government (in 1999) was pushing for people to have mercury put into their mouths).  The government took his case to the United States Supreme court to attempt to have him forcibly drugged because he believed the government was against him.

As Dr. Rutten Wassson who doesn’t take any insurance says:

“I don’t waste anywhere near as much time on paperwork. Yes, I do other things. I take out my own trash. I clean my own instruments. I clean my own toilets.” She prefers this to working within the insurance system. “I’m autonomous. I don’t let third-party payers or clinic staff get between me and the patient.”

Personally it seems to me that the best choice for doctors to do is say that they don’t take medicaid patients, but they might have a charity plan that you can use.  If doctors think this out they might be better with a charity plan for some types of doctors rather than taking Medicaid, it’s just less risky when you are only just losing money on charity patients.  Actually there is one person running for President who did do exactly that and is rumored to be fairly successful, Dr. Ron Paul.  Between Dr. Paul’s time in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and his time in the United States congress as a representative from the state of Texas (whose congressional office operates under budget and refunds to the treasury each year) he was in private practice as an OB/GYN where he delivered over 4000 babies.  Yet he never took Medicare or Medicaid, instead working things out privately between him and the patients, even treating some for free.

If we really needed someone to fix healthcare, we should maybe look to a medical doctor who worked for both the  government and private practice.  If we need someone to fix the economy maybe we should look to someone who has for years served on high level banking committees, is currently the chairman of U.S. House Subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, and has written best selling books on economics.  If we want someone with character, we should have someone who has a proven history of standing up for liberty against overwhelming odds.

Ron Paul has spent years researching these issues, working in Congress for decades on monetary and fiscal policy, often times being the lone vote trying to hold back the growing tide of laws that he feels are unconstitutional.  I wonder why all these well funded candidates are working so hard to suppress people from hearing Ron Paul clearly.   Maybe it was because we all want simple answers to complex questions, rather than well thought out and researched plans that were written when no one was paying attention, that people and the media had been so dismissive of Ron Paul.  After all “Hope and Change” are nice simple slogans.  I think it’s time to move beyond simple slogans to plans that have been publicly articulated and discussed.

First, I have to say, like most Americans for vague reasons I don’t like Gadhaffi, but that doesn’t mean that every crime committed to try and stop him is justified.

The U.S. supported rebels have just announced tough new rules for journalists, right after video has surfaced of the rebels forcing that (according to anti-terrorism expert Susan Lindauer):

shows gruesome footage of a Libyan rebel cutting up the rotted flesh of a dead soldier and forcing it into the hands of Libyan Prisoners of War, who are lined up in a row so they must eat it.

There are other videos of rapes, and other crimes, but all those will be ignored by the United States in it’s insane quest for total domination.

Of course the media doesn’t want to report on this horrific news, because the rebels are getting the support of the Prince of Peace, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama and far be the media to question his wisdom as he plays 11 dimensional chess.

What’s amazing to me is all the people that were out with pictures and protesting when Bush was president are now at best silent.

Last night I installed “important” security updates from Microsoft (KB2478662, KB2518869, KB2478663 and KB2518870).  Sadly after I installed these my user settings were lost, and I couldn’t even use Google Chrome anymore.

Fortunately I was able to do a system restore and now can work again.  Looks like I have to install the updates one at a time, reboot between each, and see if that works.

Fun, fun, fun!


I would think that many attorney’s want to be mentioned in the American Bar Association about their performance in court, but I don’t think anyone at Synergy Law Group was smiling after the way it is reported (by the ABA) that federal appeals court judges derided Joseph Kish for (allegedly) 2/3’s of his presentation where his client e360 an Illinois based spam company (that is no longer in business) sued in a U.S. court British basedSpamHaus for blocking emails from e360 as spam (because really e360 was a company that only used opt-in’s , really).

Initially Spamhaus filed a challenge to jurisdiction, because err..they are in another country, but since most U.S. court judges feels they have jurisdiction over the entire world, or at least whatever they feel like, the U.S. judge entered a judgement for 11.7 million dollars, because too many judges don’t care when attorneys just make stuff up.

When the highly respected law firm of Jenner and Block LLP, heard about the case, they offered to represent Spamhaus, Pro Bono Publico, and took up the case and the appeal, getting one appeals court to send the case back to trial (not for jurisdiction because U.S. courts do not recognize limits on that) because the damages were too high.

Another federal judge then decided well, Synergy seems to have worked hard on this case, and they are in Illinois, so they deserve something, so he threw them $27,000 thinking that anyone with Jenner and Block representing them is not going to spend money on an appeal or something like that.

But to the surprise of many judges Jenner and Block appealed the case, leading to the appeals court doing the effect of the western dancing man to gun shots to an attorney.

All in all, I would say that Jenner and Block have done a fantastic job, truly in the public interest.